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From the childhood we are taught not to lie to the parents, but our parents lie to us saying that they will buy this thing tomorrow and never buy it. In the school we are taught not to lie to the teachers, but our teachers lie to us saying that they will not punish if we confirm the lie, however give lots of extra tasks, in order to remember that it is to do like this. In the workplace we are taught not to lie to our director, but our director asks to lie that he is at the workplace, when he is out. If we are taught to say true from the childhood, why it is so hard to follow this rule when you are adult? Why people lie if it is so easy to say true, or it isn’t? What are the affects of lying?

The lie exists as long as the language in the word. The McMillan dictionary gives the following definition of this term: “Lie – is something that you say or write that is not true and that you know is not true”. According to this definition, if the person knows that he lies, he does it intentionally, that is why he needs to have the reasons for lying.

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The philosophers and physiologists have different views on this topic. However, they have agreed on the different reasons that depend on the age, position, situation, personal aims and etc. For example, there are two reasons why children lie. The first is a fear of parents` reaction on the behavior or action. A child is afraid to be punished. This fear forces him or her to lie. The second reason is the so-called "fictional reality". Kids invent for themselves another world, another reality. This might happen when they feel uncomfortable in the real life. They do not want to perceive the world around. They start to dream and live these dreams.

One can say that it is not a big deal, that the child creates some world in order to play. Does it make harm to anybody? Yes, it does.

First of all, the small lie can lead to the big one. Almost anyone is acquainted with the situation, when in order to look better in the eyes of the new familiar, you are telling the truth but with little additions. First you have said that you are 22, but not 25 as in reality; than, that you are one of the best students in the university or even more that you are going to buy a new car. On the next date you will add something more and more, because the think you need is this person to think well about you. However, the disappointment that will be after can erase all your affords. The same is with that child in his own world. First he will be playing saying the lie about his world, but the next step will be the bigger lie to the parents, which as a rule lead to uncontrolled situations. Is it worth this?

What is more, the scientist of the University of Western Australia have founded out that the consequences of lying can not be corrected by rebutting them. They carried out the survey with 160 volunteers-students, which showed that one time heard false information has a significant impact on a person even after it has been many times refuted. A similar effect continued to operate even when the participants of the experiment were told that the information was not correct and they absolutely believed in it. For example, if the jury was convinced that the witness told a lie, he will treat his evidence with a share of no confidence, even after he found out that the first information was false. The similar thought had the philosopher Immanuel Kant. In his "Critique of Pure Reason" he says that even a harmless lie can not be considered harmless because it "remains a serious breach of duty to oneself." Such lie destroys a human dignity and deprives him of the confidence of the people around him (Tim C. Mazur). From this state is very hard to return to normal life. Is it worth this?

Thirdly, lie has a great influence on the relationships. It doesn’t matter if the relationships are between the colleagues and supervisor, children and parents or inside the marriage couple, if one side starts lying, everything can be ruined. For example, if the husband asks his wife if everything OK, she confirms it, but thinks that he doesn’t do his work around the house, she will only make the conflict worth. You do not need to buy for your wife luxuries, when your business runs down just to show her that everything is good. You do not need to buy the food from the restaurants before the husband comes home just to show that you are a good cooker. Long or late the lie would be revealed. What is more, when you will be coated on lying, he will think twice to trust you next time. Is it worth this?

At the last, the worst effect of lying is guilt. If person knows that he lies, especially if it is big lie, the feeling of the guilt can lead to the great consequences such as depression, sometimes physical illness, or even to death. However, the researchers show that some people have quilt not because they lied, but because they have been coated on lying. Nevertheless, even if you are not coated on lying, the constant feeling of guilt will depress you. There are lots of examples, when because of feeling of guilty the person commits a suicide. Is it worth this?

To make the long story short, people can’t live without telling the lie. Lie is everywhere: at home, school, work. We remember it from our childhood and it surrounds us now. One can lie to the teacher, supervisor, friend or colleague. He can name lots of reasons why he was lying and all of them would seem to be reasonable. Even in the case of revealing the lie, one would do all his best to convince you that it was because of very respective reasons. It is your option weather to believe him or not, but you should always think about the future consequences: the small lie can lead to the big one; every lie would cause consequences and soon or late would be revealed; the lie have influence on you mind and it is hard to believe in truth after; lie has a great influence on the relationships and the worst effect of lying is guilt that can lead to the serious diseases. So do you still think that it is worth this?


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