Free The Terrorism to Come Essay Sample

Terrorism has been one of the topics that have taken people into big debates. Its causes have never been clear and many people have given different causes. Many attribute its causes to poverty and oppression. Deeply studying about terrorism especially in countries that are frequent, poverty as a cause is not a major and hence, the need to focus on other possible causes. Taking into account the terrorism in America and Europe it is evident that those who are involved are from middle class countries rather than from the poor countries.

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There is a substantial relation linking terrorism and ethnic, nationalist, tribal, and religious conflicts. The best example is the September attacks; this attack was because of religious conflict. Solving these issues is, therefore, an important step in plummeting terrorism instances. Having peaceful solutions for these conflicts will help to a big extent especially on terrorism frequency. Having these in countries like Palestine and Israel, is one of the best ways of reducing its occurrence. This, however, does not give a solution into getting the cause of terrorism.

It is not possible to know the future of terrorism due to the small group of individuals involved and lack of information on its patterns. Due to this, terrorism is likely to continue for a number of years. Currently, much focus is on Islamic terrorism and it is generally believed that with time, Islamic terrorism just like other historical movements will decline. This is expected because as time goes by, they are likely to either win or lose apart from other external factors that may affect their continuous strength in attacks.

Europe is highly vulnerable in terms of terrorism attacks. This is attributed to the growing Muslim communities, freedom, and the increasing stress with the local population. Immigrants have not been completely taken into the society due to their unwillingness to drop their culture. This has made them appear as marginalized and it is predicted that in future, they may be forced to kowtow to the demands of other cultures and religion.

Overcoming terrorism is the biggest challenge as long as human nature remains unchanged .The best thing to do is not make terrorist’s lives unbearable. The asymmetry in terrorism arises because no rules or regulations govern them compared to the government, which should always adhere to the set rules and regulations. Statistically, it is evident that instances of terrorism occur in developed or those countries rich in natural resources. These countries are envied and terrorists tend to destroy them and bring them down economically. Imposing restrictions and controls could be the best way to deal with the terrorists but this has not been successful because there has been little evidence that could be used to convict or put them in trial. Furthermore, terrorists are in a small group and it is not easy to monitor them. Terrorism will, therefore, continue to exist but with less frequency of success.


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