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The importance of doing any task carefully and consistently is very essential in the lives of human beings. Being negligent and careless can always lead to tremendous negative effects which could have been avoided in the first place. Some mistakes can be avoided so as to prevent future catastrophic effects which could be regretted later. It is essential for people to do careful consideration of their actions before carrying out any deed as lack of enough analysis and second thoughts may not be palatable later. At one time in our lives, there are times we have found ourselves in a fix which we could have earlier on avoided if could have made a reasonable decision.

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Once upon a time, there lived a farmer who reared all sorts of animals on his farm such as cows, sheep, goats, and even cocks. The farmer was very successful in everything that he did and therefore his neighbors admired him for his hard work and endeavors. His granaries were full of all sorts of food and he generously helped any neighbor who failed to put food on the table for their family. As such, he was a great man with a great wife whom neighbors adored because of his generosity.

However, the food in the granaries begun being spoiled by notorious rats in the compound and therefore, the farmer had to devise a trap to nail them to prevent further loss of food stores in the granaries. The trap was therefore made in such a way that the rat could be trapped immediately it sought to have a bite of the food pinned on the trap. However, when the rat entered the granary to have a bite of food as usual, it noticed unfamiliar scene of the trap in the granary as and therefore, it was hesitant to continue with its mission.

The rat sought the help of the cock, the cow, the goat and even the sheep with an assurance that they will share the food once the funny device was removed from the store of the granary. Unfortunately, every animal negatively rejected the idea of the rat and vehemently told him that they didn't steal food from the granary but instead, they always waited for their boss to provide them with the food supplements which they were very comfortable with. This un-cooperation from other animals from the farm made the rat to feel dejected and therefore he walked away in anger.

One night, the farmer heard some funny sounds in the store and therefore he knew the trap had bore fruit. Unfortunately, there were no lights and therefore he instructed his wife to go and bring the lamp as he rushed to get hold of the rat in the store. The farmer was very anxious and excited and therefore he rushed in the store to catch the trapped rat even before the lights were brought. Unfortunately, the farmer was bitten to death by a big poisonous snake which had been trapped in the trap. When the wife came, he found his a big snake ensnared on the trap and the husband nearing death.

After the death of the farmer, the cock was first slaughtered to feed the small number of visitors, then followed by the sheep, the goat and finally the cow to feed the visitors who has come to console the family following the death of the farmer. On the other side, the rat was given amble time to continue with his eating habits in the granary. The rat felt very sorry for his friends who were killed as a result of being un-cooperative with him in the first instance.

It is always vital for us to be careful in everything we do so that we don't regret in future. Considering our decisions before implementing them is vital to ensure that we prevent mistakes or calamities which might befall us as a result of not having given ourselves second thoughts.


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