Free China’s Development and the Impact on the World Essay Sample

China’s technological development has both negative and positive impacts in the world. This fact is attributed to the idea that the countries, whose economic scale was high, view China’s development as a threat to their own economic growth. In few years, China has experienced a rapid growth technologically. This kind of development that is experienced in China is not different from what other countries like Korea experienced in 1970s. This paper will look into various technological advancements that China has made, the history of China’s technological development, and the impact it has together with the views that depicts how Chinas economy will affect the world in the next 20 years. The paper will also review various statements made by experts on the impact of China’s advancement in the rest of the world.

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China’s technological advancement has received world recognition. It plays an important role in both economic and social development of China and the entire world.  China is among the countries in the world that is currently taking part in various infrastructural developments worldwide. It is evident that today, China is a highly advanced nation when compared Europe. Advancements in technology have had various positive impacts on various sectors of the world’s economy; it has boosted agriculture, led to environmental protection, improved medical care, aid in disaster management, transport and exploration of natural resources (Spoolman & Miller, 2011).


There is a wide history of how China started its technological development. In most times, this has been a centre of controversy for the westerners. This is because China’s technological advancement is said to have had various roles to play in western technological developments. Various ideas have been put forward to ascertain the development of technology in China. Most of western new developments are attributed to Chinese technological developments. Papermakings, use of agricultural technology, engineering works among other world innovations, are attributed to China’s technological developments.

The effect of the Chinese culture, knowledge transfer from the west and religion among others have been said to have played a great role in China’s technological growth. The development of both paper and printing in China contributed to the availability of modern education in various parts of the world. Education, on the other hand, is a key player in the determination of the world’s trend in the next 20 years. Through education, there is the transfer of knowledge from one point to the other. Today, students travel from one region to the other in search of knowledge, which will be used to bring various transformations to the nations. Most students travel to China to receive quality education on sectors of engineering and technology. The kind of education that they receive plays a major role in the improvement of their nations, as they will engage in construction of modern infrastructure in their nations (Yin, 2007).

The traditional western scientists claim that the root of science and technology is in Greece. It has been well known that among various famous scientists in the world, science and most specifically modern science has its roots in the European thinking. Technology based scientific contributions are said to characterize Chinese science and that of other parts of the world.

The Confucian religion that was mostly embraced in various parts of China is thought to have contributed to the current technological advancements in China. There has been a unique rise in the rates of production and the availability of export. This is attributed to the fact that China’s market is open and it enables it to access various open opportunities and make more sales. There are various factors that have contributed to the aggressiveness of China in their market development. One of the key factors is the high levels of pollution in the world, which is attributed to China’s industrial development. This technological development has a negative impact on health and the living standards of its populace. China’s embankment on the use clean technology will therefore, see to it that there is an improved health and quality of life of its people.

The uniqueness of China’s technological development is based on the scale of its growth as compared to other nations. China’s high population, market and environs, and vitality that moved from financial reform and development are the key issues that are used to determine the impact that China has on other parts of the world. China’s population is about one fifth of the world’s total population. This is what China has harnessed to contribute to its economic growth and impact on the other parts of the world.

China’s technological development is seen as a great player in the reduction of globalisation, which is a threat to survival across the world. Almost three quarter of the nations of the world are facing problems associated with climate change (Yin, 2007). China has started what is referred to as clean technology, which is a tool that ensures that there is reduction of carbon that is freed to the atmosphere hence lessening environmental pollution and increasing the levels of industrialization. There is a remarkable increase in the production of green technologies in China, according to a report by the press.  Various measures have been laid down in China to ensure that reduction of pollution is attained. First, there is a laid down plan of five years that is geared towards ensuring that there is growth in the level of use of green and black power. They have also been able to harness wind energy, which produces double the energy level produced by coal. This idea of harnessing wind as opposed to coal is essential in reduction of pollution because coal is a high pollutant. Various articles have stated that China is today considered the greatest emitter of green house gases in the world. It also emits other harmful gases, which are the by products of coal. The government of China is dedicated to bring down the level of its carbon release to the atmosphere by at least 40 percent by the year 2020. China has plans to construct additional power megawatts to aid in the reduction of pollution. The policy of ‘scientific development’, which was laid down by President Hu Jintao of China, recognises the available investment opportunities in sectors of renewable energy and the effects that climate change has on the total life.

China’s technological development is also viewed as a key player in the world’s economic growth. China takes part in the development of infrastructure in various parts of the world. It has adopted a high-speed rail network in its country, which are major contributors to its economic growth (Spoolman & Miller, 2011). There are also plans to set up an electric car marker in the country, which also ensures efficient transport from one place to the other; this is according to the report of a domestic car marker in China. If China puts up the same kind of infrastructure in other countries as it is in its nation then by the end of 20 years, there will be a remarkable economic growth in their nation.

The gunpowder development in China plays a great role in increasing the level of military developments in various nations in the world. Though there are various uses of gunpowder in the world, which may be destructive, there are positive effects that have resulted from its use. It aids in improving the level of security in various parts of the world. Despite this, its use in China has since then gone down.

Poverty reduction in the world is one of the major achievements that Chinese technological development has brought. According to Chen, more than one-third of the world’s population lived in poverty by the year 1981. Since the countries that host major population have experienced high economic growth, there is no doubt that poverty alleviation is the target, and by the year 2020, the number of people living in poverty will be minimal. This may not be the case in some other countries, mostly in the developing nations, where the people are far off in technological advancements.


Due to the level of influence that China has on various nations in the world, it is evident that it has various essential roles to play in sustaining the economic development of itself and other nations in the world. For China to achieve its mission of economic growth in the world, it has to focus on ensuring that there is cooperation between itself and the other nations in the world. This is because; dealing effectively with world hazards like globalisation and climate change requires the efforts of more than one key player.

China should continue to support the domestic research institutions and collaborate with the institutions available in other nations, to ensure that it has taken the world to other heights by the year 2020. Continued technological progress in China helps in ensuring that China has reached its goals. There is also needs for overseas projects, scientists and organizations to work together with China and ensure that the world’s development has been boosted.


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