Free Civil Engineering Essay Sample

The construction of permanent infrastructure such as houses, roads, bridges and tunnels requires competent skills and a personal commitment. The person executing such tasks should have a strong will, enthusiasm, as well as a strong self drive for the job. Keen interest in being innovative and enjoying the originality of the completed work gives one the intrinsic motivation to carry on with the job.  Civil engineering deals with construction of roads, bridges and tunnels as well as buildings. Civil engineering requires that the engineers use various techniques and materials in constructing structures which are very strong hence able to resist external forces like earthquakes.

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Civil engineering is an old discipline of engineering since it began at the time people started involving themselves in building and construction activities. Apart from these it encompasses the following, issues concerning environment, construction activities, generation of power and large structures. Civil engineers have undergone high level training so that they can do designing and safely build structures which are very stable. Civil engineers have a role of ensuring that the buildings and other structures constructed are well designed hence very safe for use. They have various sections of operations which include project initiation section as well as the material supply section.

Mathematics is very important in civil engineering since it helps in performing calculations that are technical and very essential in construction projects. My interest and competence in mathematics has helped me in creating models that give an exact picture of how the structure will look like and behave after construction hence corrections can be made where necessary. This has enabled me to come up with outstanding constructions.

My passion for civil engineering is driven by the fact that throughout my career I will be using my knowledge in finding solutions to problems that face people. Civil engineering discipline is very challenging hence require a lot of creativity in dealing with the world which is continuously becoming very sophisticated. I like doing my activities with a personal touch which is more applicable in civil engineering. Challenges faced, a lot of innovativeness required and the personal touch in any duty executed motivates me to giving my best hence my passion for civil engineering.

In constructing sunken slabs for bathrooms and toilets the engineer should ensure that all pipes are concealed under the floor in order to avoid problems of leakage. A lot of care is observed by the engineer by carrying out numerous inspections and designing.  The construction of terrace gardens in completed bungalows calls for efficiency and perfection. Exact measurements and dimensions should mathematically be accurate in order to withstand the roof without causing cracks or leakages.

According to Laefer, civil engineers carry out projects of rehabilitation and improving of roads as well as other structures like tunnels. Roads bridges or tunnels may be affected mainly due to weather or damaged due to misuse. In some cases due to damages they may be rendered useless in that they are not able to perform their primary duties. In such cases civil engineers will carry out projects of rehabilitating them so that they can perform their primary roles.  

This discipline has been a major solution to the problem of designing and construction of structures that are used in oil exploration activities. And Sudan being a new oil producing country does require structures that will be used in oil exploration activities. The civil engineers in Sudan have played a great role of designing these structures for efficient explorations.


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