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In an organization, certain decisions have to be made for the company to have a bright future. These are the decisions that improve the face of the company. In this case, two main types of decisions are categorized. The first is the group decisions while the second is individual decisions. Group decisions are decisions that are made by several people in the organizations while individual decisions are those decisions that are left in the hands of one person to make them on behalf of the others. In this case, advantages and disadvantages of individual decisions are discussed.

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Individual decision-making is extremely quick. In an organizations, so many consultations often occur for the purposes of coming up with a good decision. However, in certain cases there is no need for the consultations thus making the decision process quicker. Additionally, the person held with this task can make this decision at his own time. For instance, in individual decisions only one person is required to make the decision. For this reason, there are no consultations making the decision process faster. For this fact, individual decisions are quicker to make.

Individual decisions are less costly. When a decision involves many consultations and time, most likely it will be costly. Time is extremely costly, henceforth, every time spent deliberation is money is spent. For instance, the different members who meet for consultation they need to spent money in meetings and time. However, for individual decisions, there is no time spent. The decisions made are extremely quick. Second, there is no money spent to maintain a meeting of different members to consult in a meeting. For this reason, individual decisions are less costly.


It is extremely difficult to make an individual decision thus less motivating. When people are consulting, some may have certain experiences on the decisions. This means that they will offer insights of what is likely to happen. On the other hand, when alone, it may be difficult to evaluate if the decision is dangerous to the organization. Second, a decision made by many people may be fulfilling giving people confidence and the motivation they require as compared to when the decision is made alone. This is because people may not have the courage in the decision since there were no consultations. Therefore, individual decisions are extremely dangerous and less motivating.

Comparison of Individual Decision and Group Decision

It can be noted that individual decision are less effective as compared to group decisions. This is because group decisions are an outcome of collective minds in making them. For this reason, it can be established that individual decisions are those of technical nature that requires technical expertise. In this case, only the person with technical skills can make these decisions. Second, day-to-day decisions that do not require much expertise or deliberations do not require group decisions only individual decisions. Therefore, in an organization, group decisions are only required for long term matters while individual decisions require technical matters and short term decisions.


Individual decisions can be described as decisions made by one person without the help of another person in an organization. These decisions are generally quick to make and do not require many expenses. This is because they do not require consultations. On the contrary, they are hard and less motivating. For this reason, when they are compared with group decisions, they are required for short-term decisions and technical decisions. On the other hand, group decisions are required for long-term decisions that are not technical.


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