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Despite the fact that A Case For Torture was published many years ago, Levin’s Controversial Article still remains to be an outstanding article addressing all an issue that has been of great significance and controversial among many people. Any kind of torture has is unacceptable and unconstitutional among all countries across the world. Hence, when people hear of torture, the next thing they think of is violation of human rights. This has led people to view torture as an illegal act regardless of the circumstances and conditions under which a suspect or a criminal is being tortured.

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Levin’s article has proved to be effective in that it addresses the issue of torture in a critical manner without favoring any side. It is true that torture is unconstitutional and is supposed to be avoided under all costs. Nevertheless, as Levin states, “Once you concede that torture is justified in extreme cases, you have admitted that the decision to use torture is a matter of balancing innocent lives against the means needed to save them”. In his article, Levin gives numerous reasons as to why torture ought to be used at times. All his reasons as to why torture should be used are not ill-indented but protecting many innocent lives.

He raises many arguments trying to support torture as he recognizes that it’s illegal. Hence, Levin’s article is not suggesting that torture should be used but instead, it is trying to open our eyes and see the need of using torture if that the best option left. Levin values life a lot as seen in his assertion that ‘Torturing the terrorist is unconstitutional? Probably. But millions of lives surely outweigh constitutionality”. These facts have made this article to be exceptional and unique putting into consideration that it remains to be neutral in its mode of present as far as it is addressing a very serious issue. 


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