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It is evident that the military men have a life conduct so defined that it makes them a whole different from the rest of the people in the United States.  It is arguable that the military field of life is a disciplined one. It is in fact extremely difficult to survive in the military if one is indiscipline.  This area of life is characterized by a hierarchy of generals, authority, leadership and rule. A major attribute about the military life is that it changes people.  The main observable areas of personalities that are impacted by life in the military are discipline, mental toughness, lifelong friendship, unique bonds amongst the veterans, and education.

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The mandated ethics training in the various military arms are highly effective in changing the attitude of people working in them. The personnel in the military are having increased reasoning capability and decision making potential. The reasoning and decision making attributes are important in measuring the impact of the training on the subjects of the programs. They are among the indicators used for measuring the impact and determining the effectiveness of the training process.  After undergoing through the training, the military men in the United States acquire special skill and discipline.

The mandated ethics training has been very successful in developing different characters among the military men especially in United States Air Force. This has been beneficial to the institution as it creates dependable employees, who can decide on the right thing and to do it.  The military men develop different characters by undergoing mandated ethical trainings.

The first character that the military men achieve through the mandated ethical trainings is forthright integrity. This is the development of officers, who decide on the right thing without thinking of how they will benefit and do it for the benefit of the people and the country. They are the kind of people, whose character of doing the right thing is spontaneous. The Military men after spending years in the service have remarkable integrity. It is a common occurrence to find clearly distinguishes military personnel even in the midst of many people, based on their integrity.

In addition, the mandated ethical training for the military personnel input the character of responsibility. The training is also focused on developing employees, responsible for their actions and decisions, irrespective of the outcomes as a result of the decisions made by them. The military personnel can take responsibility over any action they take. This does not only result from the mandated ethical training they undergo through, but it is also through the many hardships they experience during the course of their service. Life in military involves making sober judgments and rapidly when situations calling for it arise. The military men are responsible of saving life, and they have to decide on which life to take so as to save other given lives. They also have the moral obligation of taking care of other comrades in the war zones. They therefore develop the character of responsibility as a virtue.

Moreover, life in military incorporates the character of sober decision making to the officers. This can be through the ethical training that is very effective in development of soldiers, who can make decisions crucial to the fulfillment of the mission, without focusing on self-service. They are selfless people, whose decisions, and actions focuses on the success of the mission and the institution, even when they face high risk. Life in military therefore goes beyond selfishness to the service of others.

Another notable character of life in the military is their respect for human dignity. This is an attribute they learn right from their start of career through the ethical training programs, which develops soldiers, who highly respect human dignity and life and carry out their activities with the primary motive of saving life.  The military men respect people of all races and carry out their duty without the biases and prejudices common with other fields of life.

Finally, the military men are commitment to excellence. The focus of many training programs that they go through, during their initiation and also continuously in their professional life as military officers, is to develop officers, who focus on excellence and offer all their dedication to work. This is mainly because they value their work and do not spend time comparing what they do and the work of others, but focus on serving the nation. The life in the military has the impact of excellence amongst the officers. This is shown in their other fields of life, for example in retirement.

The training of military officers proves to be very beneficial in creating the mindset of accomplishment in the mind of soldiers and justifying their line of work. The training programs gets the soldiers focus on taking actions based on what is the right thing to do in a particular situation. This enables the military institutions to improve their images in the public eye and improve the moral reasoning for the employees. This forms a duty that the military personnel abide-by even in their retirement.

Core Values

Ethics is as morality; principles of goodness or concern for righteousness, and each branch of the US military partake in the same fundamental code of ethics.  At the same time, each member of the military expectedly owes a gratitude debt to his or her country, predecessors, and the chain of command.  In the Air Force, the values are expressed as “service before self,” while in the other departments they go by different terms.

Personal ethics

The Military Forces in the United States acknowledges that the effective basis for moral and ethical behavior is personal convictions. Due to this, the soldiers are instinctively capable of doing the right deeds. Life in military changes the focus from the relativism of performance by the intellectual and educational community in which the Military Force endeavor to prevent as it leads to elitism and change of personal conviction.  The challenge of the relativism is that the definition of morality and  ethics change from time to time and persons engage in doing what feels as good for the moment, contrary to what the soldiers do; establishing and  maintaining the consistency of laws.

Morality and necessity

In the term of service as military personnel, one has a further duty of making a delicate task. The veterans have to balance between what is right and wrong in the event of considering what they values as necessary in accomplishing their mission. In this effort, the military life establishes desirable standards of behavior.

The life in the military is also reinforcing the ethical behavior of the military officers and prepares them to be successful in their roles. This is due to the prevalent ethical problem within the state department leading to loss of public trust with the state department. Life in the military incorporates more good than bad in individuals’ lives although at times they feel alienated from the general lifestyle of the common citizens. There is so much to gain from studies of life in military, especially on discipline, ethics and soberness in decisions making.


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