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This movie was released in 1984 in the USA. It was directed by James Cameron. It is an action, scientific fiction and thriller movie. The movie is plotted around a human like seemingly unstoppable cyborg. The cyborg is purposely sent to kill Sarah Connor. A human being is sent from the future to protect Sarah Connor. The movie is the set in the year 2029 whereby human beings decided to create the terminators to take care of everything. The terminator feels no pain no any pity. This movie looks at the scientific possibility of technology backfiring and instead working against the human beings.

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Despite being released so many years ago, I find the movie quite engaging at the present time. It is one of the best acted science fiction which engages the viewers to widen their imagination. The characters are well chosen and perfectly fit in their responsibilities. For instance, Arnold playing the terminator fits that position pretty well due to his well built body and when combined with his strange accent he perfectly fits as a terminator. His voice sounds recorded and throughout the movie he appears very strict, issuing orders and making no requests.

The other main character in this movie is Michael Biehn. He is given the role of explaining what is happening in this movie to the views which he perfectly does. Arnold posing as the cyborg could not have done that- he has no time for explanation. Biehn is also used to show the views of the people at that time. This happens at the police station: during the interrogation Biehn is thought of as an insane person. Biehn is seen to be in state of dilemma as he is aware that the terminator is likely to show up any time and that the lady whom she is supposed to protect is not protected.

However it should be noted that the scientific fiction used in the movie are quite extravagant though they keep the audience glued to the movie.


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