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This is an essay on an object that has a special meaning in my life. The essay will describe how the object looks, sounds, color and its texture. The essay will  equally narrate an event related to the object and analyze the object significance to me.The essay will inform on where the object came from, how it became meaningful to me, how it is different from any other object and how it has  evolved. The essay will also note how I have used the object and then explain why I care about it. The object in this context will be my car which is an Audi Quattro model.

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My car is an Audi Quattro. The car was unveiled in Paris motor show to celebrate Audis' 30th anniversary. My car is golden white in color, a color that perfectly suits the model and my taste. The car has 408 horsepower and automated by a five-cylinder turbo charged engine. It is a permanent all-wheel drive and is light in weight weighing approximately 1300 kilogram's. Its body is primarily made of aluminum with its rear hatch, the hood and other components made of carbon fiber. Its wheel base is shortened by 150 milliliters and its roofline shortened by about 40mililitres. It has a six -speed manual transmission and warps from zero to a hundred kilometers an hour within 4 seconds. Hence, its sound is loud and manly. Its speed is exactly what I wanted.  The car is a four-seated which makes it convenient for me and my friends. It's interior which is characterized with satin black carbon fibred and all leathered add to its beauty. Its upfront is covered with grey drilled carbon-fibred ceramics discs which are the best taste for young people like me. The ceramics are gripped by red-anodized calipers. They are fade- free, powerful, durable and extremely robust; hence music quality is guaranteed. It has a smooth texture and looks extremely beautiful.

But maybe it is its originality and history that makes me proud. It was on a Sunday afternoon when it rained heavily during my eighteenth birthday. Friends, relatives and my family had honored me by coming and with all sorts of gifts. As I received the gifts one by one, I could help but appreciate how so many people are dearly concerned about my entry into adulthood. But one thing I didn't figure out is the surprise that my Dad and my girlfriend had engineered for my birthday. At the climax of the celebrations, my Dad gave a white envelope to my girlfriend with a request of handing it to me. She equally added a pink envelope to the white one and requested me to close my eyes as I open the two. The pink envelop had an engagement ring while the white one had an Audi car key. I could not hide my tears of joy. A four-wheel drive car on a rainy afternoon and an engagement during my birthday was all awesome.

This brought a dear feeling and loving moments that will last for ever.  The car that I had always dreamt of and loved came to me in a magnificent way. The car is most significant to me. I use it on my daily trips to school, tours and outings with my girlfriend. I and my friends prefer the comfort of my car, its speed and beauty during our weekend hangouts. Its music system is entertainment sufficient. During the rainy seasons, it serves me well in its four-wheel drive makes sure that in don't stick in mud. I equally love the responsibility bestowed on me to take care of such a precious object.

The Audi Quattro model is different from other car models; its smooth texture, beautiful appearance, utmost comfort, all four-wheel drive, massive speed, absolute stability from the shortened wheel-base; turbocharged engine, sound entertainment system, and its durability are a rare combination of features to find in one model of a car. The fact that it is diesel driven, confirms economical fuel consumption and thus low carbon dioxide emissions. Hence, my car is environmental friendly. It is the best for the young Americans.

Audi Quattro which is just introduced recently has a long history of evolution. Its history began with August Horch who founded Horch &Co in 1889 and invented the first car in 1901. It had a maximum speed of 32km/hr. He later founded Audi Company in 1909 and the brand "AUDI" was registered in 1910. His cars won major rallies and established the brand name worldwide. Audi was the first to manufacture left-handed cars and centered gear leveler. In1923, Audi produced its first six-cylinder model and the eight-cylinder in 1927. In 1931, Audi united with DKW, HORCH, and WANDERER to form the "auto union" which was symbolized by 4-rings used by Audi to this day. The new company produced successful cars in motor sport including the 382KW (582ps) of 1936 which had a 16L V16 engine. They improved the engines by replacing the 2-stroke system with 4- stroke system and more powered engines. They later invented the four wheel drive in a project called Quattro. After years of testing and improving Audi Quattro was built.

I care so much about this object because: It serves me effectively and with speed. It is also not weather dependant as it is a four-wheel drive. Its comfort and beauty are specialties I can't afford to miss. Its driving experience is just lovely and its environmental friendly trait is an addition to its value. My Audi Quattro was given with utmost love and so demands a lot of care. It takes care of me, so should I take of it to maintain the good service.


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