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The role of individual contribution in the classroom cannot be overestimated. While submitting my application for the XYZ program, I am convinced that I have the potential to make a positive contribution to the success of the classroom. With my admission to the University, I am confident of contributing towards the diversity of the class, taking on leadership roles, sharing my experiences with others, and creating a positive learning environment.

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While enrolled in the program, I intend to take on various leadership roles. These roles will include those assigned in the classroom as well as those that will call for my participation in various societies. My desire to engage in leadership roles stems from my involvement in various leadership positions. While taking my undergraduate studies, I was privileged to hold the post of the vice president of the student organization. Without doubt, the leadership experience I have will be of immense value to the entire class.

As an international student, I am looking forward to adding to the diversity of the class. I understand that your university values the diversity of the student community, as it promotes global understanding and integration. Given an opportunity to be part of the class, I am convinced that I will enrich diversity and allow others to learn from me, and vice versa. Indeed, I will endeavor to give an audience to any student interested the various aspects of my culture.

I am also interested in contributing towards all activities in the classroom that require teamwork and collaboration with other organizations. As an employee in the Ministry of Finance, I gained immense experience on how to organize teams, as well as engage with different team members to achieve a goal. Because of this experience, I am positive that I will help toward strengthening teamwork, not to mention allowing others to learn this valuable skill. Without a doubt, my ability to contribute to the class attests my suitability for the XYZ program and for this, I am hopeful that I will earn a place in your esteemed university.


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