Free Prewriting Essay Sample

A course journal is a file maintained throughout the entire course. Different lessons require different written journal entries. Complete entries require multiple parts. The assessment of entries depends on the depth and individual unique view on facts found. For example, prewriting is noting down small points that will assist in writing of the rough draft for an essay. A guide to writing entries is shown below:

Me as a Writer

  • Explore in detail your feelings and attitude as a writer.
  • Lessons learnt as a writer
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Critical Reading and Writing

There are two parts of the reading process: comprehending what the author said and the interpretation of the same. The key point to be stressed is to be an active reader. A self-check can be done to gauge your progress, which falls into three categories: independent or social, pragmatic or creative, and verbal or spatial. After reading, one can group the details together and then evaluate the groupings to see which focus the paper takes. The additional prewriting can be done in case of a need for more details or a need to change the grouping of the details collected for essay writing. Doing a second prewriting is highly recommended.

Writing an Effective Thesis Statement

The thesis statement should clearly highlight the introduction of the narrowed topic and the essay content. The statement should include an assertion that has chronologically arranged details according to the time they have occurred. It ensures the division of details and subsequently arranges them according to their differences and similarities, and finally places the thesis statement at the beginning of the essay like an introduction. In conclusion, when selecting prewriting techniques, your audience and the purpose of an essay should be put into consideration. There are vast types of prewriting techniques like free writing, audience and brainstorming being the best.


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