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The central concern of United States Catholic Bishops “The Harvest of Justice is Sown in Peace” reading is that much as we may be oppressed by certain happenings around us, we should not solve our problems using unnecessary force. “The central concern of the Franciscan Peacemaking reading is the ability to realize that peace is a God given gift. The Central concern of “St Francis and the Foolishness of God” is the life and lessons as we do things in accordance to the will of God.

The passage that most sparked my interest is the United States Catholic Bishops “The Harvest of Justice is Sown in Peace” of 1993. This was mainly because it largely deals with coming up with the best solutions to the problems that continue to exist amidst us in the world today. It comes up with peaceful ways of solving conflicts. It deals with the actual situation on the ground and guidance from a church background is bound to correct the evil ways of the people of the world. The solution which entails non violence in solving disputes captivates me the most.

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The connection I made between the reading and my life experience was mainly on diligently solving the disputes that may arise with utmost Christianity. As a leader, my subjects would be looking up to me to see how I am carrying out my responsibilities. Having the chance to read this reading gave me more tactics on how to handle leadership to ensure that I was not encouraging use of force when carrying out my duties. It helped advance in terms of my leadership skills.

During my community service duties, I visited a children’s home. Many of the children in the home are orphans. I believe in upholding human dignity irrespective of our abilities. A little deed goes a long way. While at the home I took with me some food stuff and clothing. Despite the fact that one’s parents have passed away, it does not mean that thee children have no right to basic needs. This gave me the passion to go on and help with the little help that I could afford. I helped the children with the schoolwork and even played with them. Mingling with them gives them the impression that we are all equal.

In the home, I realized that the children were there because they probably had no relatives. I appreciated the person who set up the home because it is a comfortable option for the helpless and poor. While there, they seem to have a sense of belonging and are happy. The founders of the home took it as their personal responsibilities to offer the children the much needed help. As Christians, we should live like brothers and sisters and help one another. We are always taught to be our brother’s keepers.

We are all God’s creation and we should take care of one another and the rest of the creation. Fulfilling shows our respect for Go our Creator. We should not do anything that may cause harm to God’s creation. In the story on “How to Catch a Monkey”, much as the hunter considers himself bright for being able to catch the monkey, he should also ask himself what his responsibility to the monkey is. The monkey is part of God’s creation and we have the solemn duty to protect it.

We are a part of one nation and we should treat each other with love. We have a responsibility over our neighbors and to God our Father. We should practice the values we are taught in our daily lives.


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