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Storage of Equipment and Machinery

Ensure the appropriate storage of the machinery o meet statutory and operational requirements. This should be done by the store keeper, who keeps the storage servicing records as well as maintenance of the machinery. Also he keeps records for serviceability maintenance of the machinery checks, done to operational efficiency, regulatory authorities and safety, health and welfare of the workforce.

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The issue of this site’s materials involves organizing, controlling and monitoring the supplies of materials. Storage of materials should be such that their handling will be efficient and minimize wastage. The supplies manager will ensure factors of materials, good will, supply requirements, and develop a delivery schedule for different materials.  

Hazardous Substances

Safety on hazardous substance will be ensured by engineering controls, whereby, more dangerous chemicals will be replaced by less hazardous ones. Personal Protective Equipment will be made mandatory to include safety gloves, glasses, hard hat and safety shoes. The hazardous material will be kept under lock and key at the well ventilated and conditioned store in the backyard of the site.  Training will also be done to the workforce regarding the hazardous substance.

Placement of Amenities

Decontamination amenities will be placed at the central point of the site.  This is at the close proximity to the haulage road, for easier access. Included in the amenities are site offices, and a wash bay.

Placement of Storage Areas

The storage areas will be at the far east side of the site, slightly to the north of the center line, as this will offer safe conditions, and maintain the cite as tidy. As the position is near the Pacific high way, it will show a sense of organization.

Placement of Waste Bins

The waste bins will be paced in agreement with the Roads and Traffic Authority’s set guidelines for the Placement of Building Waste Containers. The consideration for their setting will involve:

  • Rear marking reflectors and plates
  • Color of containers
  • Location Criteria
  • Flashing yellow lights
  • Bins shall bear the supplier’s telephone number

Responsibility over any incident of damage due to poor placement of bins, or split debris will be the responsible of the supplier.

Suppliers agree to leave the place where bins are located will be left in a clean and tidy condition and all spillage will be removed from the area.


Site preparation for scaffolding will comply with all safety requirements from state and local regulations, for safety guidelines before erecting, using or dismantling them.

A qualified engineer will analyze, calculate, and determine the total loads to be subjected and the supporting soil’s strength in determining mud sill size and frame spacing.

Crane Access

Tower Crane TC5013 will be needed at various stages of the project.

The Site Supervisor is responsible for ordering the crane from the supplier.  The crane may enter the site from Pacific high way, east of the site. Organize traffic control by the area police station.

Access for Delivery of Materials/Equipment, Vehicle, Concrete Pumps & Trucks

Delivery of Materials/Equipment, Vehicle, Concrete Pumps and Trucks will be under the responsibility of the supplies management ,  and will be accessed from the Pacific high way, and approach the site to the South West wing, so as to be accessed with ease.

Waste Disposal & Site Cleaning

The Environment Impact Assessment team will recommend for cleaning the site and waste disposal to sustain a working site conducive for the workforce and environmental health. The site supervisor is in charge of this process. Waste can be temporarily discarded in the South west wing awaiting collection and proper disposal as per the regulation of local authorities.

Environmental Issues

Services of environmental authority will be sought by the project manager, to assess the significance of environmental factors, so that appropriate actions can be put in place. Ecological, appearance, natural conservation and noise as well as emissions to air and water records will be considered.

Security Provisions

The site security is taken care of by placing stations at the center of the site, where all workers can see them. Pump dispensers will be used, and new programming access codes will be entered and they will only be known to station management.

Hoarding & Fencing

This is done all round the building site. It is advisable to do fencing at early stages of building to ensure proper security within the site, along the various roads enclosing the site.

Services Connection - Telephone, Electricity, Water & Gas

The site manager will collaborate with the specific power company, water and gas to ensure professional connections to these services. It is important to involve the local authorities to avoid disaster in later stages of building or even after completion of the building. More so, one needs to consult the local authority before construction commences to check for old and existing connection.

Parking facilities for site workers

Parking facilities are located at the north eastern section, under the control of personnel as directed by the supervisor. This is to ensure there is ease in accessibility.

Dewatering process after excessive rain

Pump intake should be kept close to the pool surface, and floating intakes should be considered for sufficient water depth, while avoiding pumping from the bottom. The supervisor will allocate the work to a qualified person from the workforce experienced with pumping operations. Water shall be directed to the vegetated south western section outside of the construction site.


Storage of equipment and machinery, materials, placement of amenities, storage areas, positioning of waste bins, scaffolding and parking facilities for site workers are based on accessibility as a prime factor. Crane, vehicle and trucks access depends on road access as a key principle for location. More so, Waste Disposal, storage and disposal of hazardous substances, environmental issues and Services Connection are generally overseen by local authority. Finally, apart from security personnel, security can be enhanced by hoarding and fencing.


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