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In any society, for communication to be effective there has to be a specific channel followed. According to usna, there are three components of the rhetorical triangle and each of them plays a different role, these are audience, writer/speaker and purpose/situation. This essay paper will describe how the three attributes of the Rhetorical Triangle (speaker, audience, and situation) are utilized in each of the four approaches. It is also important to note that these three attributes are a times known as logos (situation/purpose), pathos (audience) and ethos (writer).

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Writer / Speaker: According to Henggeler et al, any presentation cannot be a success if it does not have a well trained and qualified presenter for the subject; this is one key pillar in the rhetorical triangle. Before any presenter goes on the podium, there are a few points to take into consideration, how well does the writer understand the topic to be presented? How well does the speaker know his audience? And finally what impression does the speaker what to portray towards the audience? By understanding the mention points, the speaker will be in a position to make a strong presentation to the clients / audience.

Logo / Purpose: The second attribute of the rhetorical triangle is the logo or purpose. This is main topic that the presenter presents to his/her audience, in addition to that for most presentations to be concrete and complete, most presenters use simple aids during the presentation. In most presentations the most common logos used are PowerPoint presentations and pamphlets. It is however important to note that the aid that the presenter chooses should be easy to use and one that are relevant to the topic under presentation.

The Audience / Pathos: To make the triangle complete, the audience is a must. To convince the audience to subscribe to your product or service, the presenter has to engage the audience in his/her presentation and give them reasons as to why he/she is giving a particular presentation. This is because in most cases, the audience is a potential consumer of the presenter's goods and services.

From the discussion above, it is safe to conclude that for the rhetorical triangle to be complete, the three attributes can be separated and therefore it the responsibility of the individual or organization to ensure that the presentation they make are well suited for the audience. For those presenters who might be "public shy", they can be trained on public speaking skills and how to face the audience and use the additional props appropriately.


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