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Song and dance as part of art are very essential items of life that also redefine the culture of people and create an avenue by which many lessons can be learnt by members of a given society where they are practiced. Indeed, all people of rational minds would like to leave behind something that can be of benefit to others. This opportunity is harnessed through art. This is because through art we are able to understand ourselves, the cultures that we possess; our strengths, as well as we are able to keep the legacies. This paper researches into ‘Ballet Theatre’ as it is in the United States, with a focus to find out the benefits that this form of theatre has for the dancers, the audience as well as the American public.  Ballet dancing trains the dancers and the audience on the sense of etiquette, obedience and creativity in daily living.

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The success of this paper accounts to many authored works that have been written by various authors. Indeed, to make the paper more credible and for my findings to pass the reliability test, I collected a good amount of information from published books. Various books on the subject of significance of art for daily living were relevant for my research. Other authors had written works on the ‘Ballet Theatre’ which comprised of the subjects of history of the Ballet theatre in America, as well as the importance of the dance to the society. The paper is basically a reflection of the research that I was successful to conduct on the significance of ‘Ballet Theatre’ to the American society, as well as to other people across the globe.

Significance of ‘Ballet Theatre’ in America

Ballet Theatre is very helpful to the Ballet dancers, as well as to the audience that would watch the Ballet dancing concerts. This is because ‘Ballet dancing’ gives the dancers a touch of ‘discipline’. For one to develop and become a good dancer, ‘discipline’ is a must. This is because once one steps at the barre, he or she is obliged to observe a high level of etiquette. This is because the dance is structured. Maintaining this kind of mannerisms requires a high level of discipline and professionalism. For instance, one would learn that to put the elbows on barre is rude, for it shows that the person is disinterested, or is unwilling to apply the dancing concepts taught. Often this training acts as a foundation of everything that the dancer or the trained person would do, and thus the dance is informative.

‘Ballet Theatre’ being a visual art that is entertaining means that the art builds up the social values of people as they interact with each other. It acts as one of the avenues by which individuals would meet and interact. The dancing moves that are advanced by the dancers often are captivating and breath-taking due to the breaks and styles that are employed in the dance. This makes this type of theatre to be socially gratifying to its audience as they find an opportunity to laugh, make jokes and exchange information.

‘Ballet Theatre’ is demonstration of the power that people have to create, as well as innovate. In this case, this dance isn’t merely a performance, but often would involve creative ways by which the moves would be made on stage. The audience would marvel at the level of creativity that was demonstrated by the dancers. This would be a significantly learning avenue to them on the importance of creativity. American art has been characterized by high level of creativity that has gone beyond what many people would expect. Most of the Ballet dancers of the United States are refined and have always been establishing new styles of dancing that have made shows to be captivating over time. ‘Ballet Theatre’ would influence the American society on the need of being more creative.

The Ballet dance also has many lessons to learn with regard to self-expression. This is because the dance often is structured in such a way that specific lessons can be learnt, particularly with regards to ‘self-expression’. This is because through the Ballet dance one is able to learn the mastery in self-expression. This is because as the Ballet dancers do their stuff, the audience will be able to deduce that humans have inherent capabilities that they have the liberty to use or hide. In this case the secret is to put to use the inherent abilities through self-expression. This kind of dance perhaps distinguishes itself from other dances due to its expressive form. There are unique expressions that would often be conducted by the dancers which makes it a unique kind of art.

Finally, the dancers also have the opportunity to develop their ‘technical skills’, skills, such as dancing Ballet, are marketable for the performers midst the highly competitive industry in the States. 


All in all, ‘Ballet Theatre’ uniquely defines the American society. This is because of the increased number of dancers who have been trained and the audience that likes the dance. Ballet dancing in this paper has been found very instrumental in building the social fabric of the American society. This theatre is also found to be very educative to both the dancers and the audience thus making it is of social benefit to the American people.


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