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When setting up any kind of business it is very important that one has established suppliers and distributors who will ensure that they have marketed the product. It is of importance that one establishes reliable and long term relationships so as to have a stable business. Due to high competition especially in the garment manufacturing industries one is needed to set up goals which will act as a platform in achieving what is desired. In order for one to achieve the desired goals, it is important that do away with any form of anxiety and uncertainty which may occur during the manufacturing period.

When an individual have ideas and design and he or she wants to market them it is very important that one is able to have some strategies that will guide him to a successful business. For a starter it will be helpful if one is able to license his or her ideas to another third party producer for a certain amount of royalties. Licensing ideas can be very tricky especially in situations where there is no trust between the two parties. Other than licensing idea one can opt to pay a producer to manufacture a product for you or one can manufacture the product all by himself.

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For a beginner, it is very important that one put his ideas into sketches. An individual is then subjected into sewing ensuring that you maintain the pattern in the sketches. When carrying out these activities one is needed to record all the expenses since this will assist in making the final cost of the garment. One should come up with ways that will enable him to ensure that the cost of expenses is down. For instance, one can decide to change the look of a garment by either subtracting or adding a trim or one can decide to re-use a skirt from a different design to another.

Cooklin, once the garment is through one should display all the best samples to the many garment outlets around him. A prospective buyer should be allowed to do some inspection to the intended garment since this is very important because one is able to obtain different opinions from the different buyers. When finding these prospective buyers one should keep in mind what is her target market. By target market it means who are the people who are going to wear the garment? Which age group is likely to wear my line of clothing? How much will your clothes cost?

There are different manufacturing ranges which one needs to consider while marketing his idea and designs to different market place. These ranges are very essential since they ensure that one has obtained the ability of establishing good marketing relationships. Some of these ideas are;

Mass customization is whereby one is able to make products for each and every individual buyer. A customer is has a direct involvement in the design, delivery or production of the garment. It requires that both the business and the customer develop the product together so that the customer is able to obtain what exactly he wants at his specified time. Consumer needs are able to be achieved through mass customization he one can be able to evaluate his or her success or failures.

When one is marketing his ideas and designs to different markets it is important that one consider batch production. This is whereby one is able to produce a certain quantity of garments in a certain specified time. By mass production one is able to ensure that there is availability of the garment in all times. This is very important since the customer is able to always have access of the different good or garment required.

What are implications of globalization in the design/manufacturing processes?

Globalization is viewed as one of the major alarming issue in the world of business. It is such inevitable since it affects all aspects found in business especially while dealing in garment manufacture. Globalization has greatly affected not only the movement of raw materials, and finished product but it has also affected the flow of capital and in the exchange of different ideas.

Many individual in the fashion designed have realized that globalization assists in the implementation of new ideas which forms a fundamental point in raising the standards of living. Free trade has been argued as the important approach of globalization. Free trade ensures that different people are able to have a market to show case their ideas and designs. It also ensures that there is production of new items not only in market places but also in centers of development and research.

Every design requires a clear interpretation of what it entails. This is very important since one is able to have a clear understanding of what is expected of him. The pattern cutting, grading and specification are very important since they form a basis of the quality of work likely to be produced. One is required to put in mind the kind of fabric that he will be using in designing different garments. The fabric should go through various quality control measures to ensure that the final product will meet consumer specification. It is of significance that one is able to relate the fabric chosen will relate to the final product. For instance, one is required to know how the fabric utilization is linked to the total cost incurred.

For one to ensure that his designs and ideas will be able to compete with other individuals ideas, it is very important to have good relationships with her customers. It is essential that one assemble all that he requires while designing a garment. The final garment should be sold at a cost which covers all the expenses that have been used during the whole process.


The Association of Suppliers to the British Clothing Industry (ASBCI) which was started in 1992 is the only industry which has brought together the clothing sector from fibre to garment manufacture thereafter to the retailing position. This association has enable different textile sectors to discuss, develop, share ideas and designs which forms a great advantage to the whole UK clothing supply-chain. ASBCI is a very unique association due to the various activities that it holds annually. Some of the activities are their yearly symposium technical visits, the students’ forum and student design awards and its continuous participation in the standard making process. The student design awards have been encouraging especially to those who are beginners in the fashion and design industry (ABSCI Home page).

There was recent conference which was held across the supply chain where a number of key issues on the kind of staff and management structure that is found with a garment industry were discussed. There were one hundred members in attendance. Those who attended were not necessarily from ASBCI but also from other organization. In order for any garment industry to be successful it is very important that the organization has established a good and effective management/staff structure. It is the duty of the staff and the management to ensure that they have achieved a sustainable development goal.

According to the human resource management should be able to identify various skills that are found in an individual before hiring them. This is very important since the industry will have a secured future due to the great potential been displayed by the workers who have been recruited. The recruited workers should be able to ensure there sustainability within the business hence great income.

Apart from the human resource management, it is very important that a garment industry has a very effective financial team. The financial team always ensures that there is no embezzlement of funds within the company. It also has the mandate of ensuring that there is proper flow of cash both in and out of the company. The technical support staff plays a very important role in the garment industry. They ensure that all machines in the industry are taken care of and that they are in good working condition.

Other than the management and staff structure involved in a garment industry, the equipment found in a garment industry and their roles were also a topic of discussion in the conference. There are different equipments found in a garment company. These equipments vary by their size and use (Hutchinson, 2000). For instance, a pressing machine is one of the most important machines found in a garment industry this is because it is used to press the garment so as to ensure there is smooth work produced. It prepares the desired work through ironing before cutting and designing and cutting the fabric.

Due to the high risk involved when dealing with the many equipments and chemicals it is important that every garment industry has protective equipment. These equipments are very important in protecting an individual against risks that may occur when an individual is using certain equipment. When these risks are reduced the company is able to minimize the cost it would have incurred while taking an individual to hospital.

During the conference the issue of how fabric relates to the product and how fabric utilization is linked to costing came up. When an individual is choosing a fabric it is important that he has in mind what the end product is supposed to look like. For instance, while using dye based fabrics it is important that you ensure that the end product will not be that which requires frequent washing since this will cause the color to fade. The final product one achieves is determined by the kind of fabric he or she chooses to use in her design.

According to Elinor & Renfrew, when producing garment it is very important that you relate your product to the amount of expenses that one has incurred. This enable one to ensure that there is full utilization of the fabric to ensure that there is no extra cost that will be incurred so as to buy another fabric to complete the required design. Every single inch of the fabric is important in determining the final price of the complete garment. The management team should ensure that the fabric is properly used to ensure that there are no losses incurred.

It is well known that quality control affects all aspect of any manufacturing industry. It is therefore important that one ensures that there is an effective quality control team within the organization. Quality control ensures that there is a certain required level of quality in all the garments produced. It includes the actions taken by a garment industry in ensuring that there is control and verification of different traits found in a garment. The main goal of a quality control team is to ensure the garments produced meet the specified requirements and that these requirements are acceptable, fiscally sound and reliable. When this is achieved the customer is guaranteed in consuming the best goods and services.

Fisher affirms that the Quality control does not only involve the product produced but also the people working in the garment industry. Workers play a very important role of ensuring that quality is achieved. If a company does not educate on different aspects found within the company then quality can never be achieved. The term quality control as used in workers implies that there should be proper guidelines to be followed by the workers.

When making product specification sheets for the entire garment one should be specific on the measurements and descriptions required in order to produce the required garment. The specification sheet ensures that you obtain the required garment with the measurements. It is therefore very important that one ensures that he produce a garment which will be attractive to the eyes of the customer.


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