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My experience in writing has been remarkable, and, with time, I have successfully discovered my niche, writing style, and ways to overcome barriers and challenges associated with writing. Precisely, I have discovered the form and effectiveness of my writing process, my writing interests, and the ways to solve writer’s block. I had struggled for quite a long time with writer’s block and, fortunately, I found my way round it. First, with the discovery that writing is a process, planning is necessary. This includes thinking deeply and extensively about the subject matter, writing a rough draft to organize the main ideas for the writing, and, finally, writing the final draft. This guarantees high quality work that is purpose driven and objective. The most important aspect is good planning and brainstorming.

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Secondly, I have discovered my writing interests and style. Technology and business are two fields that arouse my creative juices and in which I produce the writing of high quality. I do not find any difficulty in dealing with these two fields, and writer’s block is rare. Ideas and prompts just flow through the mind while working on any of the above fields. I am inclined toward the narrative writing style, because I find it easier to follow up ideas with evidence and, therefore, convincing my audience is easy. Thirdly, I have come to terms with my writer’s block. I have developed strategies and ways to overcome it with time. Mostly, I take short breaks to relax and take short moments of relaxation through meditation and other relaxation techniques that refresh the mind. In addition, I found it important to focus on a different subject matter for a short time before going back to the work at hand. It helps relieve pressure on the brain, improves, and diversifies thinking. That is how I overcome writer’s block.

Academic writing is more complex and demanding that other forms of writing. In this field, several aspects are important. For instance, I have realized that the three main areas are supporting my ideas, avoiding plagiarism, and comparing and contrasting different subject matters.  Academic writing deals with facts; therefore, supporting ideas is important. To support my ideas, I conduct extensive research on the subject matter and look for the facts based on studies carried out. Supporting ideas are facilitated by correct sentence structure that improves the clarity of the work and makes it comprehensible.

Plagiarism is a major issue in academic writing. It involves using the academic property of other writers and failing to acknowledge them as the intellectual owners. With time, I have learnt to avoid plagiarism effectively. I ensure that I cite ideas that I borrow from other writers by including in-text citations in my work and appending a list of all the sources that I have taken ideas from. In addition, I paraphrase texts that are not my own ideas. In comparing and contrasting, I read the text carefully, noting all the ideas that are similar and different in terms of the things under comparison.

To improve my writing skills, I have set certain goals as to how and where I would like to work. One such area is my career. I would love to use my writing skills in my job, and thus improve them. Writing is my hobby, and writing creatively for pleasure would serve as an additional way to improve my writing skills. This would include writing fictional stories, blogging, and journaling. In advancing my career life, furthering education would be important. This would provide an excellent opportunity to hone my writing skills through writing of research papers, reports, and dissertations. Writing is one of the many forms of communication and I would love to improve my writing skills in order to improve my communication skills. 


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