Free Cyrus the Great Essay Sample

Cyrus first discovered the Persian Empire. He had great interests in the Mediterranean coast and most places in Asia. Before his death, he ruled parts of Europe and Asia and founded the first world empire (the Achaemenids) after defeating the Median dynasty with an objective to gain power over the Mediterranean coast and get back Asian minor. Egypt tried fighting his Kingdom but in vain. Having fought and won several victories Cyrus entered Babylon and assumed the title “King of Babylon” and extended his empire over the Arabian Peninsula. Cyrus creates the first postal systems in the world to help in communication within the empire. Cyrus died in 530bce. Most parts of the east were under his rule for the better part of his rule. He had plans to rule over Egypt but was not able to after his death.

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Cambyses was Cyrus’ son who conquered Egypt and other parts of Nubia. Many people revered and loved him, others referred to him as the anointed one. The Jewish people in particular were happy with the rule of their leader and often mentioned as the father of the Jewish. Cyrus made most of the tribes of Iran come together and his rule was one symbolized as one of peace and not brutality.

By the time, the satraps were in control of many things. He never disturbed their traditions or culture but left them to continue operating as they did before. Cyrus made great achievements, which will, remembered for his tenure in office. He conquered Sardis, which was led by Croesus in 547bce. Persia grew by the day because he conquered most parts of Greek with success. Their came a time where there was a conflict between Persia and Babylonia. This was because Cyrus conquered Croecia, which was headed by king Lydia.

The conquest saw new cities such as Syria, Palestine and the coast of Phoenicia. These cities were very important in the part of business and agricultural base. He wanted to control his eastern frontier from other tribes. Cyrus was killed during battle at the northeastern parts of his empire rule.


Under his rule he was seen as the father of the most majority, Cyrus was mentioned to be humane since he never changed the traditions of his subjects but left them to continue as they were, in fact he left their gods untouched. This was very different from the rule of his predecessors like the Babylonians who ruled with an iron fist for the sole reason that they did not want their subjects to gain any control in the future. Cyrus always informed his governors to treat the people as their own children this made many people to love him. An analysis of Cyrus achievements really depicts his greatness he gained by fighting and conquering his neighbors and immediately establishing his government. 


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