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Emotions could be defined as occurrences or psycho physiological changes which are caused by both internal and external factors. On the other hand conflicting emotions refers to feeling that attempt to satisfy the human ego and object by attempting to satisfy the ego’s demands. Such feelings will constantly drive an individual into a desire to maintain his identity of self. Conflicting emotion processes some forceful energy which could be either productive or unproductive.

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For instance, take a situation where I felt very angry after realizing that my boss and my spouse had something going on behind my back. This I learnt when my spouse visited our offices and I realized they knew each other and were very comfortable around each other. Worse still, I later realized they communicate frequently. At the same time of late my boss has very friendly to me and I am regularly sent on field trips which at time take several days.

In my situation I have a burning anger in my heart because of the dilemma. I feel that as a man I should confront my boss. However, I am not sure of the kind of relationship that transpires between him and my spouse. My fear is that I might confront him and ends up that there is nothing romantic about their relationship and in this case I could loose my boss’s trust or even jeopardize my career.

On the other hand I feel I have the right know from my spouse the truth about their friendship. I feel if she might take my concern negatively and I would loose her trust and the same information may be accessed by my boss and if for sure there is a relationship I don’t want to imagine what would happen to our relationship, our trust and the kids.


The descriptive essay above is aimed at showing conflicting emotions may lead to complex emotional situations where the id and the ego compete for dominance.


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