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Scholars have studied the environmental history field over the years. The field spans from humanities, social sciences, pure sciences and reflects on the prevailing relationships of humans over time. Environmental history is an emerging field that has not been fully exploited by scientists. The main challenge lies in the modes of dealing with the extensive field and finding a common ground in the integration of data from other fields of study to obtain relevant conclusions.

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Environmental history can be used to re-think the studies of the past by establishing a common methodology that brings in board all fields of study to have significant solutions to the existing expansive challenges. Environmental history is extremely diverse in a way that it has proved difficult in identifying the directions of future. Many scholars have come up with conflicting ideas on environmental history. The scientists are in the pursuit of answers on how the world got into the environmental challenges. People have altered the ecosystems with time, and in return, the environment has retaliated in changing the way people behave. Conferences on the environmental issues, particularly the global warming, have raised heated debates. Scientists argue that if we do not conserve the environment,  life will cease to exist on earth.

Donald Worster approached environmental history from the perspective of nature, challenges and methods that outline environmental history. This is clearly crafted in the podcast 22. My initial thoughts on environmental history tallied with the 22 podcast’s expression of challenges facing environmental history. Podcast 23 by Paul Warde reflected on environmental history, definitions, challenges and methods of comprehending environmental history. My initial thoughts on environmental history tallied with the setting of definite boundaries and maintaining ethical agenda.


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