Free Martin Luther King Speech Analysis Essay Sample

The speech “I Have a Dream” is the most effective of the four. The 17-minute speech, which was made by Martin Luther King, Jr. on August 28, 1963, produced great results and brought an end to discrimination and racism. The speech was delivered to over 200,000 civil rights supporters during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. It was made at the Lincoln Memorial.

It was effective since it influenced people from different generations and walks of life and now it is being looked upon as a life-changing speech. The event was also highlighted by press, including the television.  It stimulated the crowd and captured the mood of the people. The speech made a contribution to obtaining the freedom of the African Americans.

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The ethos technique is profound in the speech. People are urged not to be guilty of any wrong and unrighteous deeds. They are also advised not to be bitter and full of hatred towards others. He encourages people to be disciplined and dignified and not to be engaged in any form of violence of a physical nature, but instead to meet a physical force with a soulful force. He also advises people to be well-behaved.

Pathos is also present in the speech and it is expressed by words and sentences that affect the others on an emotional level. Martin Luther King, Jr. states in his speech that he refused people’s justice and freedom to be denied. He claimed that it was the prime time when justice and democracy were expected to be established and they would wait no more. He also emphasized that some representatives of white population also supported them, which was obvious from their presence in the congregation.

Logos is also seen in this context. The speech uses facts and deductive reasoning to convey the message that is required. It reveals the fact that poverty and discrimination was present in the lives of the black people while the other half of the population seemed to live in prosperity. The Declaration of Independence also tried to ensure that all Americans would enjoy a sense of equality and gain access to the human rights, but this seemed to be discriminatory.

The speech also uses repetition “I have a dream”, which brings out the important message in it. This shows that the person narrating the speech had an avid interest in accomplishing the mission. The conclusion that has been used is also memorable since it emphasizes the importance of freedom to people.

On the other hand, “Should Batman Kill the Joker” is the least effective of the speeches. It is clear that Batman has a “no killing” policy hence it is satirical for Batman to confront the moral obligation to kill the Joker in order to save the world. If the Joker stays alive, Batman would probably face responsibility for any crime that would be committed by the Joker.

The speech is also not effective because we do not actually know the real reason why Batman did not want to kill the Joker. It was either out of a moral obligation or because of the fact that he wanted to maintain the bonds that he had established with his supporters. This shows that Batman chose to choose killing to be evil and unjust hence his character is seen as morally inflexible.

Thus the speech is not straightforward, yet debatable because of the fact that it is not easy to understand the real reason behind Batman’s choices.


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