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James Madison is an American diplomat, party leader, political theorist and the fourth president of America. Madison played a critical role in designing and the ratification of the 1788 document. James Madison was the father of the Bill of Rights since he was responsible for the first ten amendments to the constitution. Madison’s faith remained embedded in the idea that the New Republic deserved checks and balances to restrain the powers of particular interests or factions. Madison’s faith believed decisively that the New Republic had to wedge war against aristocracy and corruption. Madison devoted his knowledge to creating mechanisms that would bring republicanism in the United States.

Madison in collaboration with Thomas Jefferson came up with the Republican Party. The new party rejected Hamilton’s foreign and financial policies the national bank and the Jay treaty. He was alarmed with the feebleness of the articles of the confederation and the divisiveness of the state government. At a constitutional convention in Philadelphia in 1787, Madison’s draft of the Virginia plan and his innovatory three-branch federal system have became the foundation of the final plan. James Madison envisioned a robust federal government that could overrule actions of the state when deemed faulty.

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Madison in his famous federalist paper number 10 argued that the grave danger for the republicans was not for those in the government to misuse their powers. According to Madison, the will of the majority would prevail and in a famous government the majority may use the voting power to choose representatives who have the willingness to pass laws grudging the minority of their rights. With a contrary argument to that of the anti-federalists, Madison argued that increasing the diversity of interests in vast republic is the principal tool toward breaking harmful majority factions. The chastity of ruling through the interest group contest was not only to shield against the dictatorship, the competition received the perception as serving common interests.

The concept that competition is inherently beneficial that the best tend to win, stemmed from the theories of Adam Smith who came up with the hypothesis of capitalism in England as Madison developed the theory of representative. Madison`s theory of representative government was developed with the aim to make provisions elected leaders who would be defenders against the rule by the masses, officials who would champion public interest at the expense of partisan interests. However, leaders would be captured by particular interests; but the majority was hoping that honest legislative body would play as regents or guardians of suited all people.

It is obvious that a remarkably small percentage that could be as little as five of the population takes the responsibility of citizenship fatally. The elite core of Citizens and the people they elect into office play guardians to citizens. The solemn and participatory are opinion leaders and take charge of what the masses think and do. The American constitution is concise, its brevity and in its general statement of the principles have accidentally led to extension of meaning that has fostered the growth.

The preamble does not bestow power, but its words, “we are the people of the United States,” describes the source of the powers awarded by the rest of the constitution and has helped advocate of a strong union disagreeing against the proponents of the states’ rights. The preamble also mentions the function of the constitution, which is “to promote the general welfare” has played a significant role in upholding social legislation, for which no affirm could be found in the enumerated powers of the congress. The first three articles of the constitution set up the threefold separation of powers. The separation has, however, been weakened by the conferring of much power to the president and other administrative agencies that have legislative, judicial as well as a decision-making function.

Since the preamble bestows power to the people, James Madison’s theory of representatives can be used to regulate excessive political power through voting the core elites who can safeguard the public interests at the expense of partisan self-interests. The articles of the constitution give the separation of powers. The Articles for example, confer the judiciary with the powers to interpret the law. These powers can be used to exercise disciplinary measure on those representatives who do not uphold democracy but rather misuse the public’s resources. Proper interpretation of the constitution can be a formidable tool toward the effecting of Madison’s mechanisms on dealing with threats.


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