Free Naples Equestrian Challenge Essay Sample

Naples Equestrian Challenge teaches basic riding skills to riders of all ages with disabilities. The program is designed to benefit the riders bodily, socially, and expressively by using horses and volunteers who are educated to work with individuals of varying disabilities.

Therapeutic riding

This refers to the stimulation that an individual riding on a horse receives. The movement of a horse is more or less a direct representation of a human being’s movement, therefore, it gives people the chance to relax their minds and have a different view of things altogether. Horse draws the attention of the person riding from the world of reality to a relaxed state. This is particularly important for normal functioning of the body (normal physiological processes).

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Enrolling in a therapeutic Riding Program

The significance of the NEC program cannot be over emphasized. The process involves downloading of an application form from the web, visiting the offices for further information or receiving application details via email or post. A form requires to be filled at this stage, and this holds different information. An assessment is arranged to evaluate an individual on his riding skills. A fee of $30 is paid now, and this is non-refundable. It is possible that one’s application is rejected based on certain criteria for selection. The reasons are diverse ranging from medical issues to others. Classes for the successful ones then start. This article seeks to inform possible participants of what exactly happens. The information contained, therefore, is important for any first time applicant.

Volunteer Programs

NEC relies on well-wishers as well as people’s efforts for it survival. Key in its mission is the voluntary service program which gives trained individuals a chance to contribute. The important areas include side walking, leading and taking positions. The positions need to be occupied at least each week. Volunteers provide their experiences, and they come from different walks of life. Professionals in different fields such as doctors, teachers, nurses, lawyers, students, and business person’s etcetera have proved useful to us over the years.  Other individuals give generously in terms of time and funds to finance our programs. Such are the persons who understand the nature of our engagement, reasons behind and what we actually impart on the participant in the process. Volunteers attend a training session son they have a brief outline of what they are expected to engage in and the rationale behind. They have over the years proven useful to us. Such an article seeks to invite possible volunteers to step up and join the program. It also makes known to the reader what the volunteering is all about and the extent of its mission. 

School Children enjoy our offers

A number of school going children spent some time at NEC and had a life time experience. These children were from the Wolfe Apartments. We received positive feedback from them about the whole process, and we are rest-assured it positively impacted on them. They attended the summer horse-riding annual event which had been funded by monies. Such children have had challenging experiences in their lives some ranging from homelessness, sickness, being orphaned, being raised with utter poverty and desperation and harsh experiences such as physical and sexual abuse. With our very able team of professionals, they were able to learn various issues pertaining life. The learnt how to cope with situations and were encouraged to live stronger since they have a bright future ahead. Wolfe apartments are a complex built with the aim of providing a temporary housing solution to homeless children before they settle elsewhere. The event received funding from well wishers as well as The Naples Children and Education Foundation. This article is informative.  it seeks to inform the reader of what actually happened at NEC on that particular day. It is also important for different stakeholders with a vested interest at NEC to know the happenings at the institution.


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