Free Historical Photography Analysis Essay Sample

Photography can be traced to having its origin in the early 1840’s. In taking a photograph, people were entitled to remember with some historic events in their lives. The following analysis will look into three photos and their significance as well as the time they depict in the society. It is worth noting that taking a photograph is always meant to live a legacy in the person taking it.

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The first photograph seems to have been taken in the early 90’s and shows a woman and somebody else whom we can conclude that is her daughter. The theme illustrated by this photo is that of sorrow and we can judge from the appearance, that this family have just received shocking news of one’s demise. An in-depth into the photo shows a moment of terror as the woman seems to gaze into the future with little hope. The daughter is also seen in the photograph as clinging to her mother as her only source of strength. We are prompted to conclude that the mother has just lost her husband and so the thought of being left alone is overwhelming. Is there any hope for them in the future? Will anyone care for us? Is this the end of a happy marriage? These are all questions that seem to be coming from the first photo.

The second photo shows several people in a joyous mood. Furthermore, it is an illustration of celebration time with a great significance of victory. The photo can be dated in the early twentieth century when the war lords were celebrating their victory in the war. It is also imperative to note that these are veterans being recognized for their efforts in a particular struggle, and the joy is a reflection that they are being rewarded for a cause. The photographer wants to relay the joy of coming together after victory has been won and the necessity of rewarding those who participate. The people in the photo, unlike in the first photo, see a future full of hope and this can be clearly seen in their faces. They are all happy, perhaps knowing the great triumph that awaits them ahead.

Grief is evident in the third photo. The veil and the color of the garments serve to say that the photo was taken during a funeral celebration to mark the passing of a loved one. It is never easy to say goodbye to the people we love. This is further brought out by the sorrow emanating from the lady’s face. The photo was taken in the twentieth century when color was still of little significance. The purpose of this photo was to serve as a reminder of this sad occasion in the life of the young lady, from whom, and judging from appearance is in her early twenties. The photographer also wants the viewer to feel in the sorrow and grief of this young lady, who is also gazing ahead full of doubts.

In conclusion, all the three photos have a theme that demonstrates why they were taken. The first photo shows how the family has been struck with terrible news over the death of a loved one, or after receiving some sad information. The second photo symbolizes victory. Several people in the photo shows how they are happy after accomplishing their mission while the third photo shows a lady who is mourning the loss of a loved one. This entire photo sends a message to the viewer and they were all taken in the twentieth century. 


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