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The White house is a magnificent building with early architectural designs. Event surrounding its constructions are significant. The following paper will look into the design and forms of the building and this means that the Whitehouse communicates in relation to its environs.

Today, the house where the president resides, the White House, is a symbol of influence and power to the United States and across the world. According to George Washington, the building should be a palace that reflects a nation with a federal government that is strong. Achievement of this vision is not through decorative elements and ornamentation, but only through future events that would shape the country and future leaders who would reside in the palace.

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The site is on the Potomac River for its geographic location is central though, at that time the surroundings were mainly forests and farms. This land where the white house stands reflects the new republic’s ideas. James Hoban is the designer of the white house. He inculcates the European architectural style, Palladian architecture. The Palladianism the white house depicts are appealing in that it its form is almost that of early neoclassicism.

The south façade resembles Castle Coole design of James Wyatt of 1790; the façade to the north lacks a floor when we compare it with Leinster House, whereas the façade to the south has one more floor with reference to Castle Coole. It has a staircase that is external, this in the Palladian design. The south front has a bow front; interior details in the Blue Room include former niches. Decorations of garland are above the entrance to the north, and beneath window hood pediments are patterns of fish scale.

During the war in 1814, British soldiers set the white house on fire. A thunderstorm of the summer is responsible for putting out the fire. After the burning, of the palace, the rebuilding process starts, and the application of white paint to mask the effects of the fire is the reason many believe is behind the White House name. The white house consists of 132 rooms, two basements, six floors, floors belonging to the public are two and those belonging to the first family, two.

For the preservation of the architectural designs of the white house, no changes are possible without consulting the preservation committee. The west wing which accommodates the president’s oval office, this portion is the setting for the popular screen show: west wing. The wing to the east which we formally call the first lady’s office, its utilization during the second war to conceal the underground bunker construction for emergencies makes it of extraordinary significance.

The grounds surrounding the White House are over eighteen acres, The North loan blooms with large trees that obscure the house from the avenue of Pennsylvania. The White House is indeed a symbol of integrity and power, with its magnificent internal and external designs it stands out as a historical structure that calls for preservation. The events surrounding its construction and its relation to its environment are meaningful to all Americans.


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