Free Theatre Activity Essay Sample

Activity for Teaching the Elements of Theatre

Theatre Elements Addressed: 

  • character

The characters are the pupils and their teachers who include Kathy Dejan who is a dance specialist undertaking the second grade class through the dancing lessons together with the respective teacher who in this case is Megan Neelis; a second Grade teacher. These are among other characters who are involved in these 14 programs which are able to show arts specialist at work and ideas presentation in general classroom as well as the challenges of organizing for the respective arts.

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  • setting

The classroom setting is adopted in extreme measure. These programs are recorded when the various specialists are undertaking lessons with the learners as they try to integrate art in classroom. Thus the setting is a classroom type in the course of the teacher student lesson undertaking.

  • conflict (or plot)

A conflict does exist. The plotting of the programs relating to these specialists in the normal learning programs is likely to divert the attention of the learners into play and dance at the expense of curriculum advancement and completion. Thus a conflict exists between class work and artwork student concentration and balance.

  • theme (motivation)

The theme is to encompass artwork into class work towards improving student performance and comprehension.

  • script (dialogue)

The programs are set to have classroom teachers and arts specialists combine efforts and use various ways towards ensuring pupils get to understand educational goals and avail to K-5 teachers additional new ideas which will serve as professional development guides.

  • Stagecraft (props, stage areas, and blocking)

Stage crafts are used in a large way. Some videos are able to show blockage and the classroom indoor activity staging as well as other staging areas that are adopted.

Theatre Content Standard Met:

The theater art and content standard was met in a long measure. For instance, Grade 2 class and dance lessons with Kathy Dejan on expanding the role of arts specialist fully meet the theatre art content standards.

Classroom Environment and Musical Materials/Supplies Needed:

These included the percussion instruments among other musical tools such as the shakers, specific music, the manila papers needed for making of the masks and enough space needed towards the achievement of respective moves in art design and practice.

Lesson Sequence:

  1. introduction of the lesson objective
  2. Setting the arts venues
  3. instructing the learners on the activities to undertake
  4. Practicing the various activities
  5. Evaluating performance

Learning Styles: How does this activity meet each of the following learning styles?

Auditory: Paying attention to the arts specialist and keenly following instruction does build the auditory skills of the learners


Visual/Spatial: Based on the fact that scholars have to watch what the specialist does before practice is a big boost to the visual aspect that learners seriously need in class.


Bodily/Kinesthetic: The movements made in these lessons enable the students to become flexible enough to ensure that they are bodily well structured. This facilitates concentration in class and other activities that the student undertakes.


Assessment: The scholars were able to adopt the theatre and arts specialists teaching towards improving the learning environment and teacher student relations in class.  

Reflection: Integrating the skills of arts specialist in class work is a successful project towards provision of new ways of enhancing student learning. 


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