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Utopia is a condition whereby some people are turned to believe in the word that does not exist: a world of fantasies. It is in this context that they struggle to attain standards of communal life as well as individual one, which has the comfort and relation out of this world. Due to it, the reading of Fahrenheit 451 was encouraged and perspectives given in relation to the kind of aspirations the Utopians do eye. Thus, this paper is done to investigate Utopia and the implications to the realism other that the fantasy nature through the evaluation of the novel Fahrenheit 451.

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"Fahrenheit 451": The Dangers of Utopia

Utopia refers to an ideal community illusion pictures and imaginations. A society that is ruled by a faultless socio-political permissible coordination. Since the initial invention by Sir James of Utopia as he strong-willed to come up with his book: Utopia, the phrase has been expound to involve a description that is double sided; the depicting of the intensions that were directed at coming up with an superlative society and fictional communities.

Fahrenheit 451 is a novel by Ray Bradbury that is written to show how the attempts to create delight for all leads to the obliteration of the existing contentment. Montag is in dire need of self-identification and he is wrapped in the parallelism that Utopia has since the olden times and the present we are in. In the novel, the government is supposed to create a perfect society for the people through the elimination of civil liberties and freedoms that are currently enjoyed by the citizens. This is a utopian kind of visualization and it is not possible in real time instances.

Utopia is rooted to the Plato community where the followers are ready to go into war for the existence of the societal beauty and boldness. It is an extreme way of showing the need of going to the devouring end of all that could be necessary to attain the communal reign. Citizens are natured and set to fight if their shall be a need to it for the sake of communal self-actualization. This is very dangerous to the general ways of life because people are made to have an illusion of what the community should be like and they spur into actions hoping for nothing short of it as they fully commit resources’ that are crucial to its realization. Utopia illusions are related to heavenly expectations and their realization is not possible unless a super power does intervene on its part. The creation of imagery that is hard to come by is what is more risky as far as utopia is concerned.

Utopia is a creation of a society that is free from all likely evils. A society Cleansed in the religious definitions and which knows no paucity and desolation for its citizens. It has just sufficient codes of conduct and no strict laws other than basic governing rules that need no lawyers for their representation in any perspective. This illusion society does not intend to sent its men into war scenes but it prefers the hiring of the war mercenaries from its neighborhoods with the believe that they shall be able to wipe out all the  risky situations and parties and could only leave the peaceful lot. This is an outstanding illusion that Utopia advocates for but which can never be realized. It is dangerous for Utopia to offer to humanity the false dreams that can by no means be realized as depicted in Fahrenheit 451.

Utopians are people who believe that they are not just able to take control of the days to come but it is an obligation for them to take control of the future. The people who perceive this are not very critical to achieve the goal but they are ready to risk their lives in alarming way for its sake. This in-human spirit is applied in Fahrenheit 451 toward the achieving of the illusions that are targeted. Utopia is a world of fantasy creation without any practical realization of it and it is dangerous to the final bit. Since when did the fantasies come into reality with human efforts? Utopia is a lie and people should not be allowed to get into the coax of the shortcomings and end up with desperation.

The end justifying the means is the base of literally all Utopians and Utopianism. Lederach’s article on the gift of pessimism does facilitate the need of keeping the spirit burning for our efforts to be able to achieve the objectives we are intending someone has to be persistent. It is argued that the globe is in dire need of an elaborate integrity and tranquility apparatus and that what Utopia illusions are out to attain. The realization of such mechanisms is the issue concerning what is needed to get it into place. It is therefore seen that Fahrenheit 451 and Utopia are tinted with lies and unrealistic goals that are not going to be arrived at.

Fahrenheit 451 and other Utopia themed movies and writings have been used to enhance the emancipatory visions that a related to life matters such the feminist movement. Through it women are sent to the streets as they advocate for their empowerment and equality to male gender. The creation of hopes and dreams in the minds of these people through Utopia is not good at all and ensures that they commit resources and time to matters that might not be realizable. This is a kind of illusion that is dangerous to human life as they seek self-actualization and comfort that is related to life.

The fantasies that are related to utopianism are at all times treacherous and decadent. They are mostly brought out by the advocates of Utopia wrapped in the rhetoric aspect of the democratic rights and freedom but such fantasies are largely risky and immoral. It is a fact that Utopia critiques do argue that has been neglected for long and it will keep causing discontentment to many if at all the many examples in life will not teach us what we should be doing instead of engaging in Utopia. Utopia nature’s immoral perspectives those are not positive at all to any human development and actualization.

The roles by Beaty, Faber, and Montag in Fahrenheit 451 depicts that the planet of unawareness is a kind that has no importance. It is true to say that people who have not realized the lies that are engrossed in Utopia yet they are not likely to realize any advantage of it. Fahrenheit shows that one can transform from the ignorant to the erudite or the other way round hence insisting that utopia is full of risky believes.


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