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The 19th FIFA World cup is planned to take place in 2014 in Brazil. Brazil had hosted the competition in 1950; therefore this will be its second time. Other countries that have hosted the world cup twice include Germany, France, Italy and Mexico. This makes Brazil the fifth nation to host the tournament twice. Football fans across the world celebrate the fact that the tournament will take place in Brazil. To most of them, it is as if football is actually going home. Football was invented in Brazil and the fans believe that it will be the biggest football spectacle ever. Out of the 18 competitions that have taken place, Brazil has won six times. To Brazilians, football is a religion. They worship a game. Football runs in the heart and soul of Brazil.

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Apart from other benefits that participating countries will reap like pride and happiness, there will also be great economic benefits. In the forth-coming 2014 FIFA world cup, there will be 32 participating nations. Most of these nations are major contributors to the global GDP. They will benefit greatly from the event economically. Various companies, which desire to be recognized internationally, will sponsor the participating teams. The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) estimated construction costs to be around $ 1.1 billion. This amount will be used to remodel, upgrade and renovate stadiums. Apart from these, there will be millions more which will be spent on the general infrastructure.

The participating teams will share in the returns from these investment, In August 2009, the airport management agency (Infraero) announced that it will it will spend $ 3 billion to upgrade airports in the ten cities that will be hosting the games. More than 50% of this amount will be spent on São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro airports. The returns to these massive investments will be more than double the amounts used. This will greatly boost the economy of Brazil and the participating nations. The expected economic impact is estimated to go beyond $ 100 billion. This will cause 710 000 new jobs that will be created. Apart from Brazil, the participating nations will stand the greatest chance of benefiting from these opportunities.


The world cup tournament will not only be a sporting event, the competition promotes cultural transformation. The participating countries will have the opportunity to show case their cultures also. As the fans from various countries arrive, they will demonstrate their beliefs, attitudes, and practices through their behavior. The fans from various participating nations will display their music and dance, artwork, food and language at different circumstances. In fact, the tournament will be a centre of meeting of different cultures. One of the main impacts of world cup in Brazil will be strengthening of football as one feature of the culture. Football is entrenched in the culture of many nations. Apart from football being a national sport in most of the participating nations, it is almost a religion to most many people. It is popularly known that one can easily change political parties or sexual orientation but changing teams is unheard of. Football has great impact culturally in most nations around the world.

Conclusion: Benefits in world cup

Advertising money

The hosting nation benefits greatly from the multiple ways such as investment from outside firms, job creation, tax revenue etc but FIFA benefits the most. FIFA reaps huge benefits from several sources, with one of the biggest source being from advertising money. Other sources include ticket sales, TV broadcasting rights and merchandise sales.   


FIFA world cup is the world biggest sporting event and is sponsored by several companies. The companies, which sponsor world cup normally, target consumers. Most of these companies hope to open new markets. The payoff to these companies is expected later after the competition is over. Sponsors set their stalls so that they can boost their exposure. They seek new ways of connecting with supporters who are the customers. For illustration, Sony, which is one of the main sponsors of world cup, uses the opportunity to advertise its products. It also promotes customers who win several competitions that the company holds to watch the competition live. Sony promoted 4000 competitors to watch the last world cup in South Africa. Other sponsoring companies include Coca-Cola and Heineken. One of the strongest brands in Brazil, Nescau has also signed up as one of the official sponsors. Nescau becomes one of the four Brazilian companies that will sponsor the event. The other three are Marfrig, Banco Itai and Oi.   

Building infrastructure for the event

The president of CBF Mr. Ricardo Teixeira commented that the infrastructure should be -modernized for the tournament to be successful. He said that Brazil focused on becoming the global arena. The Brazilian ministry of transport announced that it would spend $ 6.25 billion on a high-speed rail project, which is expected to connect São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian Engineering firms who will be working together with firms from Germany, Japan, South Korea and France will undertake the project. This will go along way in increasing the capacities of these airports.  Infraero expects hundreds of thousands of visitors to use these improved facilities. The airports in Natal and Salvador will not require to be upgraded. Renovating these two had been completed recently.

Brazil: Tourism

Tourism is one of the economic sectors that will be affected considerable by the World cup. The major tourist attractions destinations are Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. The national tourism board support tourism programs throughout Brazil. Currently the board is supporting several projects ahead of the 2014 World cup. They are investing in activities that will promote tourism, improve the image of tourism while at the same time strengthening local governments so that so that they can plan the management of tourists in the forthcoming event. Visitors are expected to many along the coast to enjoy the 'Sun and Beach'. The other area will be the mountainous regions within the country. A rise in tourism expenditure is anticipated with a hope that it will generate employment hence boosting the income to the locals.

Recognition of participating teams

Recognition of the participating teams began during the qualifying matches. The 32 teams, which are selected to participate in the tournament usually, go through a tough and vigorous qualification process. It is during this period that these teams began to get coverage from various media houses. Sponsors notice the teams at this time. Football fans from all over the world also begin to notice the teams. At the end of the tournament, in recognition for their hard work, the best teams and individual participants are awarded by FIFA. World cup is also the most widely viewed sporting event throughout the world.

The number of people who view the matches on TV exceeds even those that view Olympic Games.  In the previous tournament, it had over 27 billion cumulative viewers. It is estimated that the 2014 FIFA world cup will have more than 30 billion cumulative audience. In 2010 world cup final match, had an audience of a tenth of the entire population on earth. This gives the participating teams' immense recognition throughout the world.


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