Free Biodiversity and Its Influence on Economy Essay Sample

Edward Osborne Wilson is a very successful American theorist, researcher and biologist and was born on June 10th 1929.  He is renowned for his environmental advocacy roles which have sometimes been viewed as having secular and deist characteristics especially regarding ethical and religious matters. Due to his relentless efforts in his remarkable scientific career, Edward has received many accolades including being regarded as “the father of socio-biology” and, most significantly, earning two Pulitzer Prizes. From the various forms of campaigns carried out by this biologist, it is clear that he supports the protection of all species even in the face of a growing need for human encroachment and development.

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Wilson has been very critical of the consumerism exhibited by the Americans even in the face of unprecedented world population growth. He is worried about the idea that the rest of the world should strive to reach American living standards, yet this puts more strain on the planet resources. To show his concurrence with the U.S. Endangered Species Act of 1973, Wilson has formed the EO Wilson Biodiversity Foundation and supported the work of Conservation International, which is endearing to a sizeable section of American billionaires. In a 1985 excerpt, Edward shows his total opposition to human encroachment on biodiversity and points out that the damage caused would take ages to repair.

The ideas fronted by Edward have not gone unsupported and other authors have also argued from a nature centred angle. One such proponent is Paul W. Taylor who in his work “Priority Principles” in The Environmental Ethics and Policy Book, edited by Christine Pierce and Donald VanDeVeer, argues that human beings belong to the animal family and would go into extinction if biodiversity is not protected. There cannot be a better way to explain the zeal shown by Edward in the face of constant threat of the animal species existence. 


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