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GOT MILK? Advertisement campaign came into existence encouraging people to take cattle milk. Goodby & partners advertising agency introduced the advertisement for California milk processor board in 1993. This paper looks at got milk advertisement and the role that milk plays for American people. It also looks at the financial and economic aspects related to milk consumption in the United States of America.

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In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the people of the United States of America faced the introduction of soft drinks, bottled water, juices, iced teas and other ready to drink products. These made people shift their milk consumption characteristics. Most of them began drinking the ready to drink products more than they drank milk. In fact, by 1992 the gross milk consumption had dropped up to six percent. The consumption rate of milk in the United States of America dropped by two or three percent each year because of the proliferation of ready to drink beverage products on the market. It also came because of a considerable surge regarding out-of-home eating habits among the American people.  This made milk companies in the United States of America look for other alternatives that could make American people drink more cattle milk than other ready to drink products.

GOT MILK? Campaign came into existence in 1994 and by 1996; it had achieved an awareness percentage rating placed at 91 percent. From then, the campaign has kept a ninety percent awareness rate. The board responsible for the advertisement used a lot of money and energy in the campaign, which gave a considerable success to its objective. The campaign got a licence from milk processors and dairy farmers in the United States of America. Milk sales have increased considerably because of the advertisement campaign. The campaign posted tremendous results in the consumption of milk among the Americans. People changed their attitude towards cattle milk, and started consuming it more than they used to consume milk.

The ads posted by the campaign typically featured people in different situations involved in dry or sticky foods such as peanut butter and cookies. These people would find themselves in uncomfortable situations. The people would look sadly on to the camera and GOT MILK? Words would boldly display.

Food selection practices for the American population makes it hard for them to meet the calcium needs required by their bodies, especially without milk and milk products in their diet. To the American people, milk and other dairy products offer high sources of calcium. Milk, not only provides calcium, but also it provides fortified one hundred IU of vitamins per one glass of milk. The vitamin provided by milk and other foodstuff stimulates the absorption of calcium. Milk provides magnesium to the people of America. This helps in building bones, especially in children.

In America, milk does not function only as a dietary supplement. It provides farmers with money from its sale. Farmers sell milk, and get money that helps them to cater for their basic and secondary needs.  American people use milk in factories to manufacture food and other important products. Factories that do milk business get a lot of money from the business. This happens with encouragement that comes from milk consumption campaigns such as the 'GOT MILK?'

America also exports milk to other countries. This helps the United States of America earn revenue from milk and milk products.


The GOT MILK advertisement campaign promoted by goodby & Partners Company made considerable changes in the milk consumption characteristics of the American people. People began drinking milk more than they used to drink it. Milk has become important to the American people, both for financial and economic reasons and for its dietary value.


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