Free Intermodal Freight Transportation Essay Sample

Transport is something important for any given business, and this determines the amount of income for any given organization, business and companies. According to Rob Konings, author of the book "The Future of Intermodal Freight Transportation," logistics is a very important concept which should be appropriately executed within the business towards the realization of the best of business goals. Materials and goods should be effectively transported within the specific time period so that the logistics can be done in the best manner possible and lead to better business engagement.

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Intermodal transport involves the transportation of cargo in an intermodal container or maybe a vehicle whereby different modes of transportation are used for the same purpose, for instance, it may revolve around the use of trucks, rail or even ship. Intermodal mode of transport is commonly preferred as a better form of transport since it reduces on cargo handling cost and thus these aids in improving security chances.

Bundling has rationalized the total logistics network and adding value to shippers by reducing higher chances of damages and losses which may be incurred during the transaction and thus these promotes faster transportation of cargo. This technique is appropriate for transporting non perishable goods for very long distances, and it’s much preferred because it provides cheap mode of transport which is more economical considering the quality and price of the products. More so, considering it’s used to transport products over longer distances, Bundling provide appropriate price determination strategy, and it’s regarded by shippers has cost effective because it is a cheap method of selection which directs one to the position of determination where you have to compare the demand of the quantity with the price provided.


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