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Outsourcing has affected the local personnel as well as national economy. Finding the facts of outsourcing, first reason behind is massive difference in human resource cost and cost of doing business. Second reason is availability of highly skilled work force in large amount. Actually these two reasons are the major factors of substantial outsourcing.

Outsourcing has busted the labor and skilled personnel in U.S.A. Nowadays and in near future, outsourcing will be the major challenge for U.S.A government and the community. While the underdeveloped counties like India has dragged enormously the business of software development, customer services, and assistance from U.S.A by hitting the spot. Skills they have developed no doubt are unmatchable, and they are being emerged as a productive and cost effective solution particularly for IT companies. Therefore, in fact, the factor of efficiency and cost effective solution has manipulated the businesses of U.S.A. However, outsourcing should be discouraged for greater interest and survival.

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Outsourcing as cost effective:

Outsourcing is cost effective that is why many companies have transferred their business to the countries like India. Why India is doing outsourced work on the cheap rates? Because, their currency is much weak against the dollar, therefore a handsome conversion of exchange gain is actually the reason behind cheap rates. Moreover, it is not about India only, but it is about many other underdeveloped countries like Pakistan, Kenya, Bangladesh and others who have flourished their skilled and competitive labor for offshore working. While, many other counties are coming in the race, that is an alarming situation for the outsourcing countries like U.S.A. And it should be stopped; otherwise an enormous unemployment will be the future of U.S.A.

Availability of skilled work force:

Skillful and quality labor is fundamental need for outsourcing. The countries that are involved in providing the labor have developed their educational and skill development structure on international standards. Though, they have primarily developed those standards for their own business and industry. But, the lucrative offers from the employers outside have dragged them to do job for them. However, it boosted the economic activity of their native country as well.

However, from any aspect, it is completely unfavorable for the counties who are outsourcing the work. Since, their own skilled and up to the mark work force as well as economic activity is suffering with the illogical competition of exchange difference.

Affected ones:

In U.S.A outsourcing is becoming white ant for micro economy. This situation will eventually increase the unemployment and will raise the anarchy and crime rate. Obviously, when people will not find a suitable job and sufficient earnings, they ultimately involve themselves into the enraged moods and will do illegal activities. Therefore, the affected ones would be the local citizens who actually are suffering from the stressed situation. And there would not be an end of it. If government shell not took measures to discourage the outsourcing and give some economical benefits to the employers who are outsourcing.

Government's responsibility:

Government is also responsible for the situation going on. It is government's responsibility to make sure the business environment and creation of jobs. At the same time, the world wide cost competition cannot be compensated by the individuals. Therefore, compensating measures should be taken from the government to the industries that are outsourcing their jobs and transferring their businesses outside U.S.A for cheap cost of doing business and high profits. Government interference would be the only solution to stop the continued massive socioeconomic destruction. Otherwise, social and economic anarchy would prevail in U.S.A.

Does have a moral duty to keep its promise to stay in Green Fork so long as it can do so profitably? Why or why not? If so, is accepting even the first offer from the city and workers too much to ask?

If realizing the case on ethical grounds. Yes, has a moral duty to keep its promise to stay in Green Fork so long as it can do so profitability. Although, maximum profitability being a primary goal would be the first preference for each business concern. But, every business has moral implication on it to thrive with the native associates, therefore should also. needs to consider its people first and to bargain with them about the const constraints. Because, employees are the arms and foots of a business, if you don't care about them, you really can't perform well. At the same time, if you change them, you do not have surety to have the same. Hence, has a moral duty to keep its promise to stay in Green Fork.

As far as accepting the offer is concerned. The first offer is quite beneficial, because it does not posses any resentment element from the employees. A mutual contract or affiliation would be the best for businesses. Otherwise, one sided thought can create bad taste in the smoothly ongoing business process.

Could entire white-collar be lost to lesser-developed counties if the outsourcing trend continues? Would this be fair to Americans?

Outsourcing is completely unfair with the Americans. Since, they have brought themselves to certain level in some field like customer service, web development and software development. After that loss of job or completely shutdown of the filed would be great setback for American people. Eventually, it will result in increasing unemployment which will then create anarchy and resentment in the American people. So, it should be discouraged and government should take some concrete actions to stop it.  

Should the community have focused its attention instead on the state and federal government, asking it to discourage or even ban outsourcing?

In fact, it is government's duty to ensure the economic prosperousness of the people and create jobs. Therefore, discouraging or banning outsourcing should come from state and federal government. However, community can play a healthy role in it by boycotting the products or by disowning the entire entity. Both modes of discouraging outsourcing can be influential enough and can impact enormously on the outsourcing businesses and jobs.       

Should the employees simply take this loss as a valuable opportunity to seek new careers instead of assuming they would be able to keep one career all their lives despite a rapidly changing global economy?

Taking the loss of outsourcing as an opportunity to seek new careers is illogical. After, getting education, and selecting the web development, customer service, and software development as career. One cannot easily transform or adjust himself into some other business. Therefore, it is quite illogical by accepting it as a valuable opportunity and seeking new career as requirement for rapidly changing global economy. The only way to control and convert this loss into opportunity is to set some economical benefits from government that should almost proportionate the profitability of outsourcing. Otherwise, it would be like suicidal for government as well as for the people.


At the end of treatise, the vulnerable reactions of outsourcing could be recognized with the above. Every stakeholder should concretely demonstrate its resentment against the outsourcing. Otherwise, it will affect the economic prosperity immensely. Therefore, taking right steps on right time would only sure the cure else the disease would penetrate entirely and no one then will have any cure for it. Hence, right steps from government to discourage and disallow the outsourcing, at the same time resentment from the natives against the product and corporation can only sure the cure.


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