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The relative values of the most common methods of performance evaluation are the following. The essay appraisal focuses on the employee’s behaviors, strengths and weaknesses and offer suggestions for improvement in performance. This method is not structured like the scale method; therefore, it permits to the appraiser to examine any aspect of the employee’s performance. But, this method is time consuming, difficult to administer, and subjective. The graphic scale rating systems are less time-consuming and quantitative, because it is structure and standardize it allows easy comparison and contrast of employees. But this method provides a superficial analysis of job behaviors.

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These two methods focus on opposing characteristics of the employees’ evaluation; therefore, they complement each other. The critical incident appraisal focuses on the factors and duties that allow employees to operate efficiently. Instead of evaluating employee’s characteristics, this method evaluates job performance during   incidents. Since this method is more related to job duties and performance it, offers a better evaluation than the essay method. However, this method relies on the memory of the appraiser; therefore it can be biased toward recent events. The forced comparisons method is simple and accurate. Ranking employees is an effective method to allocated company’s resources such as money, promotions, and equipment. However, this method discourages collaboration and teamwork. Finally, the behaviorally anchored rating scale (BARS) is perhaps the most comprehensive method of evaluation. This method is a combination of the critical incident and scale appraisal method. It provides the benefits of both. The weakness of this method is that can be difficult to develop.

The strongest indicators of job performance are quantity, quality, timeliness, cost-effectiveness, punctuality, creativity, compliance, gossip, and personal appearance (HR word). It is important to use consistent criteria in the evaluation process because it will create a consistent reliable system also to establish trust in the organization.


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