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Emirate airlines is an international airline also called fly emirate. It is an auxiliary of emirate group and the biggest airline in Middle East. In Dubai, it serves as a national line where in a week it serves more than 1,990 passenger flights. It operates longest four nonstop commercial flights in the world from Dubai to Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sao Paulo.

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SWOT analysis is a planning tool that many organizations use to determine the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as the name suggests in a business venture. To do international marketing plan for Emirates Airline, analysis is carried out. This will be done by identification of the company's objectives and then looking at the internal and external factors that are related to the achievement of the objectives by the company. For the plan to be effective the steps that need to be implemented are derived from SWOTs by first looking as to whether with the SWOTs the objective would be achievable and if not, pave a way for identification of another objective that would be favorable with the SWOTs.

SWOT analysis for the company

To analyze Emirates Airline, there is a need for identification of the strengths that are major for the company.These strengths are;

  • The company has a size that offers them an advantage
  • Its centre of attention is on expanded markets
  • They aim on entering the cargo shipping.
  • Globally, they want to be the brand on the top
  • They have a strong culture of the company
  • Their services in aviation and airlines are improved and renewed always.
  • The company target audience's needs are effectively managed.

The company's major weaknesses are also necessary and needs to be identified and analyzed. These weaknesses are;

  • The company has not always been successful in all diversification approaches
  • In US, the company does not provide several places
  • The company do not also provide to most budget travelers as well as those who are in middle class.
  • The company focuses a lot on its gaining at the end and its expansion

            Externally, there are factors that relate to the performances of the company. First, one needs to identify and analyze the company's current and potential major threats that the company may face in reaching its objectives. Some of the threats are;

  • There are other rival companies such as Gulf Air and Etihadi that threats the company
  • The company has not been able to recognize its demands and has been unable to maintain its innovation in various ways
  • The company's obvious complacence could be used by its rival companies and offer them an advantage over them
  • There is the threat due to the increasing fuel cost
  • There are other companies with low costs for carriers such as Jazeera Airways and Air Arabia.

Another external factor that needs to be considered is the major opportunities available for the company that it can exploit. These need to be identified and analyzed. These are;

  • Development of more advanced new generations of Airlines as well as other services in aviation.
  • The company can strike into many markets in addition due to innovations introduced in aviation.
  • They can also get into bigger markets through internet
  • Advancement
  • Services that are modified
  • Target budget travelers in addition
  • Link with other companies offering the same services

 When such SWOT analysis has been carried out, its impact is realized. There are impacts that SWOT analysis brings about to the general company and needs to be identified. These are;

  • Expansion of the company,
  • The company enters the cargo shipment
  • The culture of the company is maintained
  • The company beats its competitors
  • Modifies its services
  • Satisfies all its target audiences

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