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In order to develop Tanzania Fantasy, we aim to improve current tourist activities, make it more organized and develop new tourist attractions. The priority goal is to create more jobs for both Masaai and local people. Employment rate is the first thing to cope with since it directly affects Tanzania economic conditions and living standard. GDP is one of the promising indicators of the nation accepted worldwide; therefore, the growth of GDP remains important.

Once the nation has high growth in GDP, it yields solid consequences including thecriminal rate and its poverty.Due to the country landscape, the most well known tourist attraction that bring tourist to Tanzania is mainly recalled to its Safari and its unique local culture. High employment rate plays an important role in economy. It not only directly affects its growth of GDP but also indirectly the standard of living of local people in Tanzania. Since Human capital is considered the most valuable asset driving its economy to its gateway then the individuals are the focus. As this is being implemented, the disabled are not left behind.

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The ultimate cultural theme park, Tanzania Fantasy, creates more fun and cultural atmosphere for tourist to experience. It is divided into six sections: these include the show, buffet, shops, games, museum and indoor entertainment. The architecture is breathtaking and there was plenty to do to keep you busy while waiting for the 9pm show. It included some very well lit up shops and was very bright and colorful. There is a place to play carnival games and win prices.

The show

The show is meant to bring the tourists close to the Tanzanian culture and its beliefs. An exotic storyline that blends tradition with fantasy will hand in wonderful evening to tourists. Instead of having their current way of performances, the theater makes its show more organized. The audiences feel more comfortable since they do not have to stand in the sunlight while they are watching the show. Besides, they now perform both male and female dance at the same time, which make tourists hard to focus. They have to roll their eyes back and forth and stand in the sunlight, which is very hot and sweaty. These make people get bored turned their interest to other things easily. Some tourists start to complain about the weather condition. They talked to one another more than enjoying the show.

Apart from that, having the theater yields the advantage in the sense of communication. Since English language is considered as their second language and their pronunciation sometimes, confuse tourists. Some audience got lost at the time that the local tour operators were telling the story and history of the show. This problem can be coped by having each native speakers read what they want to tell the audience and record his or her voice so they can re-run as many as they wish. In addition, they can provide its history and story of Tanzania's culture in many languages. Before the show begin, the audience will be given the headset so they can select whichever language they want to hear. From doing this, it helps the tourists to understand the context better. In other words, the difficulty in transferring information between languages to another language reduces.

Performing the show in the theater even further gives more benefits to both local people and the company. Masaai and local people have more routine jobs that increase their standards of living. The company itself can earn more revenue and profit at the same time since it is easier for them to advertise its company and cooperate with the Tour Company. It is even easier to set the promotion that match each target group desires. Besides, it also benefits the country as a whole. The more tourists it has, the more earning it becomes and the more GDP growth the nation can have. Therefore, it can be considered as "a sustainable economy". Everyone in the economy shares the economy welfare.

The Safari brings tourists to Tanzania. Every travelers wish to see as many animals as they can, especially the one that are hard to find in other places in the world. No one can guarantee that how many species the tourists can see since some animals such as Leopard and Lion, are barely seen. However, some tourists prefer to spend their vacation in Africa rather than spend their leisure time in Tanzania because Africa is more popular and has better facilities than what it is in Tanzania. In order to grab tourist attention, it is necessary to be creative. The circus brings more fun and happiness to the audience. They have already witnessed how they live once in the safari, it will not make any differences for the normal tourists who are not really into the animals when they see them the second time.

Therefore, this is the channel to create more varieties for the tourists. Moreover, if there are animals which rarely seen in the wild, it will grab people more attention. Since animals migrate from time to time, even the tour operators cannot tell where exactly they are. What they can tell is the area where animals usually migrate to according to the historical data. Therefore, there are still chances that tourists will not see animals they are expect to see. At this point, if Tanzania Fantasy can bring these rare animals and feed it naturally, it would be the highlight of the tour. Word of the mouth plays such an important role in marketing strategy nowadays. It sometimes has more effects than its own advertising since people trust what they hear from the one who has experienced it more than what they have see in the ads. Training animals create more jobs for local people as well.


From what we have experienced and have seen when we visited the cultural boomma, each Masaai family has different products and charges different prices. Therefore, the final price depends on how bargaining skill you are. As buyers, we want to bargain as much as we can so we can have the lowest price. However, by looking at Masaai and its village, we wish we could bargain more. Most of tourists do not want to bargain much because they see how local people live and how poor they are. Some people decided not to but their goods; instead, they give Masaai money.

Due to the difference of products they offer, some tourists could not dare to buy from the next table since they do not want to raise the conflict between those local people. Since their products are identical, tourists can find it elsewhere when they are traveling. After they had bought their Souvenirs from one place, they found the cheaper price one. These upset travelers.

Having the proper shop and setting, the price standard is the better way to comfort tourist and make it a better image for tourist as well. Tourists not only have more choices but they can also know how much they can buy within their budget.

It is also better for local people. They will have a certain market; therefore, they can sell more of their handicrafts. They can approximate their income each month and can plan how much should they make. They can allocate their time more efficiently so they will have more time to do other works. Tanzania fantasy itself is better off since they have certain source of supply. They will get a certain margin from selling its products. In conclusion, having a proper shop makes all tourists, local people and the company better off.


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