Free Technology in Combating Global Warming Essay Sample

Stephen Schneider asserts that global warming is currently taking place as evidenced by the unequivocal warming of the global climate system characterized by increases in the global average air and ocean temperatures, increasing global average sea level and extensive melting of snow and ice. Global warming is caused by a mix of both natural and human causes, but the human causes are playing a bigger role in accelerating the issue. The anthropogenic nature of global warming implies that humans hold the key towards solving the problem. The core human activities contributing to the global warming are inevitable, leaving the science and technology as the only feasible solution to address the issue surrounding global warming. The basis of the argument is that technological processes are mainly responsible for accelerating global warming, implying that policy regulations can help in reducing the magnitude of risks posed by global warming. The significant challenge is whether the scientific and technological advances are ready enough to implement the suggested policy regulations to contain global warming. In his presentation titled Global Warming: Is Science Settled Enough for Global Policy, Schneider outlines the local, regional and international strategies that are in place to address global warming and other actions that should be taken to reduce the impacts of global warming if there is the needed political will. The solution of the issue of global warming lies in our ability to control and reduce the emission of green house gases to the atmosphere. This is only achievable if the science is settled to implement the policies for curtailing global warming.

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Speculative investments to combat global warming require scientific innovation coupled with government rules and capital investments. Reversing global warming is impractical, implying that the immediate solutions require the use of adapting strategy, establishment of performance standards and design codes in technological advances such as the design of efficient cars and refrigerators. Public-private partnerships are also needed as a strategy to resolve the issue of global warming and adopting a framework that Schneider refers to as “polluter pays”. The “polluter pay” strategy poses a significant challenge especially for developing nations that emit less greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports that we have the capacity to choose our emissions through technological innovations.

The Assessment Report by IPCC suggests the required actions to address global warming. The reports refer to impacts, adaptation, vulnerability and mitigation. Implementing the recommendations proposed by IPCC requires a fundamental research to play a significant role in the development of innovative scientific and technological breakthroughs that are aimed at controlling and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. This requires spectacular improvements in terms of environmental load and energy efficiency. Scientific and technological development should aim at promoting research and development to result in innovative technology that can control and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. It is also vital to commercialize the technology to ensure that it is widely adopted in order to curtail global warming. Some of the potential areas of scientific and technological development include the utilization of tidal power and bio-energy effective utilization and recovery of carbon dioxide.

The scientific community should play numerous roles in offering solutions to the issue of surrounding global warming. The first notable responsibility of the scientific community is to offer the climatic change scenarios. This entails well-established speculations regarding the magnitude of the risks of global warming that can be used as frameworks for policy implementation. Performance standards are the solution to global warming, with the scientific community having a responsibility for scientific inventions that conform to the performance standards that have been established as a solution to global warming. The success of the suggested solutions to global warming depends on the politicy will be required to implement the suggested.

In this context, politicy will draw to the ability to maximize the national potential to establish a nation that is competitive in the achievement of sustainable growth with the primary objective of overcoming global warming and addressing the energy issues. This requires the promotion of core areas of science and technology that can receive public support and turn to positive results. In relation to promotion of Research and Development to address the issue of global warming, it is imperative that we emphasize basic research and development, especially the use of technology in combating the global warming. This will play a significant role in the development of science and technology that can facilitate the design and realization of a future society that has the capacity to deal with the issues surrounding global warming.

The IPPC also outlines the significance of mitigation in tackling the problem of accelerating global warming. This requires research and development of technological innovations that can deliver positive results within a short duration. Such strategies should be adopted by developed countries, which should aim at reducing the emission of greenhouses by 50 percent during 2050.

In conclusion, it is evident that global warming is essentially an outcome of scientific development, implying that science is the key towards the solution to global warming. Science and development play integrally towards the achievement of the expectations imposed by policy regulations. This is achieved through research and development by the scientific community to initiate technological innovation that conforms to the performance standards aimed at reducing the emission of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Therefore, fundamental research plays a significant role in the development of leading-edge scientific and technological breakthroughs that are aimed at controlling and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.


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