Free Youth Unemployment Essay Sample

The availability of jobs has gone down considerably in the resent years, and it has greatly affected the youth. For several young individuals, employment is precarious and cannot provide a substantial income that can enable them meet their basic necessities. There are several factors that account for the high rate of unemployment among the youth, and they include the following. Globalization has been accompanied by technological innovations, and these two factors have had serious ramifications on labor markets globally. Consequently, young job seekers have faced myriad constraints associated with these factors.

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There has been an increase in the demand for high skilled labor in many countries. However, the number young individuals with such qualifications exceed the available opportunities. The challenge of “job queues” has greatly denied several young people job opportunities. This happens since employees mainly target highly experienced workers. Hence, young individuals trying to get new jobs usually find themselves at the back of the queue. This compels them to wait for several years before getting reasonable employments.

Unemployment has had serious ramifications on the youths. For example, many young people especially girls have been greatly affected by this challenge. This is because lack of jobs make the youth more vulnerable to social constraints. Psychologists have revealed that lack of jobs create high levels of desperation among the youth, and this problem is manifested among the youth in terms of low self esteem, poor lifestyles, and isolation from peers. Lack of jobs has crippled economic progress in the society since there are insufficient resources. The dependency rate is becoming a serious concern since many young individuals still rely on their parents’ resources. Besides this, social vices, such as crime and drug abuse have increased in many societies since many youths have no viable means of accessing economic opportunities.

A number of strategies can be used to curb this challenge, and they include the following. Governments should enhance access to quality education especially among the youth from poor backgrounds. Men and women must have similar occupation opportunities. Therefore, stereotyping of careers should be discouraged. Entrepreneurship should be encouraged among the youth though provision of necessary support, such as capital and business skills. This can reduce the demand for formal jobs. Lastly, governments should formulate and implement policies that can address the challenge of unemployment.


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