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Lanning, NY 10305

January 11, 2012.


Peter Liverton,

124 Starbuck Avenue,

Brooklyn, NY 23872.


Dear Mr. Liverton,


I highly apologize for the wrong delivery of books that you received. I have confirmed the letter which you sent that indeed the books you ordered were not the ones delivered. Thank you for bringing the problem to our store and we will work on it seriously. We take this problem seriously and we are trying to investigate the causative for this occurrence. I have confirmed the letter which you sent and I have seen the books that were ordered but they were not delivered. I am clarifying the mistakes and the correct books which you ordered will be sent to you within a short duration. The letter for the goods ordered is still with us and the books which you ordered have not yet been delivered to another customer. Therefore, the books would be delivered in time once everything has been cleared and well checked to avoid resending again wrong books. The incorrect books would be returned as the correct one would be delivered at your place.

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Sorry for causing this inconveniences but for time being, I will send the exact books which you requested together with the prepaid voucher for incorrect books meanwhile trying to find the cause of the problem. However, I would like to give you an appreciation voucher, which you will use for making any order for the products in our store. Some compensation would be done because of affecting your customers too. The compensation is made as a way of apologizing ad appreciating our mistakes. I request you to keep the books that were wrongly delivered to you until our representatives can carry out inspection on them. Meanwhile, the arrangement is being made and your books would be delivered to you in time. 

I hope you will consider my request and accept my apologies as well as the corrections to the wrong delivery of books to your place. The problem occurred unintentionally done so I hope it would not create bad reputation or discourage you from ordering books from our store.  I will highly appreciate if you will continue ordering books from our company. I promise this mistake will never happen again. It is our responsibilities to provide better customer services to our esteemed customers. Therefore, I highly regret for this problem thus I will ensure that employees would continue to provide better services to our customers without inconveniencing them.  In case you have any suggestions or something to suggest about this issue, please contact us using the above website or addresses.

Thanks you in advance.


Richard Ricks.


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