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Ethical Systems


How the Dilemma Is Addressed and Why


From the utilitarian point of view, the wrongness or the rightness of an action is presumed to be judged from the consequences it produces. They base their argument on human experiences. If an action brings happiness, pleasure, welfare or contentment, then it is right. If it deviates from this, then it is wrong

The Nazis would be told the truth to secure Bloom’s life from being endangered. In this case, the action that brings happiness to Corrie ten Bloom was to refuse to host the Jewish refugees since this would not risk her life.



From the deontological point of view, what matters are not the consequences that one’s action produces? What the focus of this kind of ethics believes in is the duty of the person. It also considered different kinds of rights of human beings.

The Nazis would be deceived in order to save the lives of the Jews without caring for one’s life. It is her duty to do best for human beings regardless of the situation. She is a devoted Christian thus should sacrifice her life for the benefit of others. Therefore, from this dimension, basing the argument from the obligation of Bloom; she ought to rescue the Jews regardless of the consequences that waited to befall her. The Jews were truly in need of her and she ought to be ready to help them. The obligation in this case is the overriding factor.  Doing so would indeed be obeying the commands, “do unto others as you would like others do to you.”


Virtue Ethics

The virtue ethics places more emphasizes on doing the best to benefit an individual. They perceive doing the good as doing so will be charitable or benevolence. This is dependent on the character of the person doing the act. For example, an individual can be honest or generous.

The Nazis would be lied to because the virtues of Bloom are sympathy, charitable and loving. She would lie in order to save the lives of the Jews from being terminated. From the work of Bloom, virtue ethics can perceive Blooms action as emanating from her character. She was generous.



Relativism proposes that what is morally right varies with regards to diverse aspects such as a person’s experiences, biological makeup, language or culture.

The Nazis would be lied. The personality of Bloom is shaped by different virtues such as love, caring, Christianity among others. She stands a better chance to save the lives of the endangered Jews. From this point of view, relativists can perceive the work of Bloom as emanating from either of these aspects. She could for example have undergone a similar experience and feels the pain when other people experience the same. There is also a possibility that religious aspect could have influenced her. Her family from her book, The Hiding Place, is perceived to be charitable. This affirms her charitable qualities.


I would lie to the Nazis in order to save the Jews. From one of the fundamental principles of philosophy, a thing can either be or not be. Reality is what it is. It cannot be otherwise. Aristotle said that a thing cannot be affirmed and denied at the same time in the same respect. In this case, virtue ethics would qualify to be the standard to use to act in such a case.  The use of virtues in decision making makes one to act for the best of humanity. In addition you make a decision from the perspective of who you are. 


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