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Ethics is a set of human behavior rules recognized in a community grouping or culture. As a moral philosophy, the study of ethics encompasses the study of values that relate to human conduct in relation to wrongness or rightness of certain behaviors and to the effects of the motives resulting from such actions. The study involves defining, systematizing and recommending concepts of wrong and right behaviors. Ethics can be categorized as social, professional or individual ethics.

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Situational ethics is a distinct view of moral ethics that explain that the morality of an act determined wrong or right by the desired outcome of the situation. Moral relativism postulates that there is no right or wrong. Situational relativism may be correct whereby it can be right to act in a certain way in one culture but opposite in another culture. For instance, it may be polite to burp in one culture while it would be unethical to do so in a different culture.

Personal ethics is a category of moral philosophy that explains what an individual feels about what is right or wrong. This concept of ethics originates from individuals’ conscience and affects all aspects of life including finances, family, and relationships. In some instances, laws overlap with ethics whereby what is wrong in ethics is illegal by law, for example, heist, while, in other situations, they may conflict for instance prostitution may be legal in some states although it is ethically wrong.

Laws, on the other hand, are a set of formal, universal rules that governs the behavior of people belonging to that jurisdiction and punishable if one does not adhere to them. They vary from state to state and change overtime. Advancement in technology has significantly led to change in ethical practices both negatively and positively. Technology possesses its own ethics, which govern its application and may be in conflict to what the society perceives to be right of wrong. For instance, cases of abortion have increased in the recent past due to the advancement in medical technology, to the extent that some countries have embraced it as an illegal act.

How do ethics determine the culture of a certain community? Is it compulsory that ethical rules should be incorporated in the culture of a certain community and how does one acquire individual ethics?? What is the view of the bible on situational ethics?


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