Free Ethical and Legal Issues in the Professions Essay Sample

1) Is action that is in the interest of the public always in the interest of a business? When might they be in conflict? What are some examples of public interests that may not be in the interest of business? When looking at databases of customer information, what considerations must employees weigh in these situations?

The public interests are not always the business interest. Conflicts may occur when the prevailing circumstances at a given time does not favor one of either parties. For examples when the cost of productions goes high and companies are forced to increases prices contrary to the wishes of the public. When state law regulates the prices of essential products to protect the interest of the public, this may go contrary to the wishes of the business as it may be unable to realize maximum profits. When looking at the customer database an employee must consider the possibilities of giving the services at the best possible prices and the consequences it may have to the company. If it is one of the loyal customers then give the best services even though is at the cost of the company to avoid loosing the customer.

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2) You work as an accountant for a healthcare organization which has difficulty staying in the black. You discover an accounting error the government made that increases the funding for your company by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Keeping the money will ensure that severely injured people will receive some of the best care. Explain the ethical course of action that should be taken and why. Include in your answer a detailed explanation of the ethical theory used and the possible consequences of your actions.

The ethical thing to do here is to return the money to the government, because that is what the law demands even though it may cost someone's life. Deontological ethics applies here which looks at what is the right thing to do rather than the consequences that may be suffered by a  third party.

3) What does Teleological Ethics emphasize? CHOSE ONE FROM BELOW

       None of the above

4) What is true about a norm?
       A norm is not accepted by society
       Behavior can only be a norm if it is accepted by the person performing the action
       Failure to follow a norm will not result in any negative consequences
       It is an accepted interpretation or practice according to the law or ethics

5) What is organizational culture?
       Refers to the actions of an employee only
       Applies only to corporations
       Refers to the values, beliefs, customs and norms of an organization
       Only relates to those companies that are publicly traded

6)  What is a common ethical consideration regarding advertising?
       the amount of money to spend on advertising
       the determination of when manipulation is acceptable
       whether to use animals in commercials
       determining which product to support


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