Free Ethical Choices for Information Technology Students Memo Essay Sample

With the information evolution all students in different area of specialization are required to learn about Information Technology and computing as it’s the main tool which support their operations. Such training has emerged new ethical issues besides what is in their line of operations / professionalism. The highest challenge in computer crime is not the physical security of the hardware but the logical security of the software, data and Information which is saved in the system.

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It’s important to instill ethical issues which affects in Integrity of ensuring data / information is modified with proper authority, unimpaired service, consistency of transaction through out the service provision period and good control of access to the resources in the systems. Privacy and anonymity is essential on the data / information stored in the systems while at learning institution or at their work place. All the information stored should be confidential and only accessible to the authorized personnel’s only. 

The students / professionals in different fields should also respect intellectual property in concern of ownership of the software’s which they will be using. Some people practice unethical measures such as editing someone else software, making copies or even studying its operations and make a similar software without the confirmation of the owner. Therefore the professionals should have the ethical responsibility as use of computers makes them make huge impact especially the Computer professionals as they support all the other professionals in their operations. Hence, they should be respectful, honest and ethical in their operations to ensure that they are as well valued by those whom they service.


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