Free Ethical Dilemma in Business Essay Sample

Should you require all employees (including yourself) to be tested for drug use?

No, the requirement for all employees to be tested including the director will not be a good idea. The best approach is to implement a voluntary participatory mechanism in which employees may/may not test themselves. However, to set the ball rolling, as the director of the firm I will be the first individual to undergo the testing. This will boost the morale of a significant proportion of employees to take part in the test.

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 Does the fact that the firm is funded by financial grants from the state and federal governments affect your decision?

Yes, the fact that the firm is funded by state and federal governments implies that the money is collected from the exchequer tax kitty. This is in itself brings forth the issue of moral accountability. Hence, the firm needs to ensure that the good will intended for taxation is achieved. However, this should not mean that accountability is based on the level of adherence to a system of shared principles that an individual desires to achieve and accepts on their own will due to a contract. In this regard, the decision to follow a well designed process should be driven by good will even when there is a social contract available to fulfill the expectations of the masses.

How would you explain your decision to Cantar’s board of directors?

I will inform the board of directors on the importance of the organization to adopt an action-oriented perspective that is based on actively engaging in the designed programs. This will also involve inform the board of directors regarding the nature of the program, which entails provision of counseling and therapeutic approaches towards solving emotional problems. According to McLeod in the event a counselor becomes more of a teacher when implementing their assigned task, this may limit the development of an agency relationship, and consequently it may not impact on the interaction between the affected individual and the counselor. This will enable the Board of directors to see clearly through the issue.

Argument both for and against adopting the drug testing policy.

Finally, there is need to adopt a voluntary drug testing policy within the organization. Even in the event some of the test results may come out with positive indicators of involvement with drugs among the professionals, this should not give way to the development of negative sentiments. In fact, in such a situation the counselor becomes positive role model to the affected individual with ‘If I could do it, you can do it too’. However, this could also have negative implications by affecting the morale of the counselors because of the stigma created among the adolescents, for example, due to fear that the stories may be told elsewhere.


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