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The bonuses had been given by the government as an incentive to the executives to remain within the company during uncertainties that were caused by the recession. This was done in order to encourage the company executives to remain in the organization. Company executives have great significance in the company and that is why they had to be retained at such an immense cost. Therefore, if the government was willing to part with all the funds, then there is nothing wrong in having the executives enjoy the bonus. This article will discuss the morality of a manager enjoying his bonus while his friends and co-workers are jobless and the entire public is complaining about misuse of funds. 

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I think the best thing to do in such a situation it to resign from my executive position. This would help pave way for investigations to be done thoroughly, so that accountability in the company can be well established. The reason why this situation calls for my resignation is because the matter has now gone out of hand and it is no longer under control of a few company executives. Instead, it involves the entire public who have learnt about the scandal through the media. Most of the time, a single issue can be understood differently by diverse groups of people depending on the manner in which they receive the information. Also, another factor that results to different points of view is diverse and selfish interests that these parties want to fulfil. Therefore, even if the bonus was awarded out of good faith by the concerned authorities, it might send a different implication to the taxpayers. Remaining at the executive position while still having pending cases to answer, does more harm than good to me (who has been implicated with scandalous allegations), the company and the entire public.

In case I remain at the office that I am currently holding, I will be a stumbling block to effective investigations. Also, I need to protect my integrity at whatever cost. Therefore, in case I exit from office, I will allow investigations to be carried out smoothly with minimal interference so that the truth can suffice. It is worth noting that my exit will be an opportunity cost to the company. However, the top management of the company understands that this decision will be made for the overall benefit of the organization. The company needs to protect its brand image and name within the public. Finally, the entire public will only understand that something worthwhile is being done to contain the problem through my resignation from office. Otherwise, they will lose trust with the company management and this has a great implication on its brand image. What hurts them a lot is to learn that the cash that they think is being misused is got from their own tax money.     

 This decision is made in accordance with the utilitarianism theory. Utilitarianism is an ethical concept that presupposes that good conduct gives forth the utmost pleasure and contentment.  It is a moral code of conduct that advocates for a course of action to be right in any given situation provided they are helpful for the advantage of a majority. This theory differentiates between what is ethically right and wrong. It emphasizes on the actions and their outcomes that end up generating happiness and enhanced benefits. At the workplace, this theory is applied to focus on morals, equality, rights and duties within the business setting.

Therefore, the best thing that I can do is to choose a way that will bring satisfaction to me and the entire public. The recent economic crunch has left so many people jobless and in a state of hopelessness. Therefore, it would be unethical to continue enjoying the benefits that accompany my job position at the workplace where as other people are agonizing in the biting effects of the recession. To make the matter worse, the public is not happy to realize that I am taking advantage of their tax money, which they earn through a lot of hard work and trouble.  

This theory was developed by John Mill, who suggested that utilitarianism concurred with the inborn response that is derived from human’s social nature. It calls for the individual to be accountable for and show concern for the contentment of other people. It is founded on the premise that morally upright individuals are the ones who hold themselves from causing destruction to other people and instead, they find ways to help them. At the workplace, this concept is concerned with virtues such as honesty, professionalism, evading quarrels, answerability as well as fulfilment of promises among others. Consequently, I would resign to ensure that I am willing to show accountability and professionalism in my work. 



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