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Helping professionals are those people who are tasked with taking care of any aspect of the human being Dr. Kamrava, were in the human service profession and should have known better than to implant a woman with that number of embryos at a single time; I have chosen this case because there is apparent negligence and professional misconduct.  Doctor s, lawyers and social worker are currently involved in this case as there is evidence of misconduct was clear. However, psychologists should be involved so as to counsel Miss Nadya on how to cope with the huge number of newborns so as to avoid post partum depression. Social workers should also be involved to ensure that the kids are properly looked after and that despite the desire of their mother to introduce them to the showbiz industry, the kids get to remain kids and to enjoy their childhood as any child should.

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Nadya suleman who the media has renamed ‘Octomum’ is a Californian woman who gave birth to octuplets despite having six more children and being on public assistance, claims which she has denied. Dr Michael kamrava who was responsible for the fertility treatments given to Nadya has been stripped of his medical license by the medical practitioner’s board of California citing gross negligence on the side of Dr. Kamrava. Kamrava implanted 12 embryos into Nadya’s womb which is six times the more than the recommended number. Such a high number   of embryos could result in overcrowding in the womb which would lead to developmental problems, cerebral palsy and death of the babies and/or the mother. Dr. Kamrava was found innocent in two other counts where he had implanted a forty-eight year old woman with seven embryos which resulted in quadruplets. In another instance, Dr. Kamrava performed an in vitro fertilization on a patient who had stage three cancer who went ahead to have hysterectomy before undergoing chemotherapy. Kamrava defended himself by saying that he was distracted on the news of Nadyas octuplets and was unable to follow up on her case as diligently as he would have liked.

 Nadya plans on having her children in a reality show. Children activists who protect the rights of children featuring in T.V shows claimed that involving children in such an activity might be strenuous on the children and if Nadya failed to protect the rights of the children then the courts would step in and take charge/

Dr.Kamrava has exhibited very few core values if any as he went ahead to perform a medical procedure that has never been heard of before. He was also negligence of another patient of his. Despite his defense that Nadya was insistent he was an authority in the field and should have advised against it. He did not exhibit the standard of care and guidance that a patient expects from a doctor. I therefore do not see any core values exhibited by Dr. Kamrava but he does show in competencies such as unprofessionalism and negligence.

Gross negligence means that there was a lack of care on the part of the doctor, he was clearly aware of the risks that the he exposed Nadya to by fertilizing her with such a huge number of embryos knowing very well that she had six more children. The doctor being one of higher expertise and the professional should have exercised a greater standard of care. An expert who testified in front of the medical board said that implanting a woman with twelve embryos was unheard of. He has then exposed a woman who is already on public assistance to greater financial burden (Schiele 2000).

Pre-trial diversion programs aim at avoiding recurrence of the act again. Instead of taking Dr. Kamrava to court like a common criminal, he should be subjected to such a program so that it may act as a deterrent of such behavior again if his medical license is reinstated. 


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