Free Societal Ethics versus Evils Essay Sample

The habitats of Omelas city claim that they live in pleasure by making merry but they overlook the basics that are rooted in the societal ethics. Life is at its best when one is in a position to be answerable for either his or her own deeds without corrupting the authority for sympathy.  Omelas is a city that is full of happiness with habitats that are full of delight and happiness. The utopian city has people who are cultured and smart. In this city, there is a single atrocity that is believed to be the fortune of the entire city. It is kept in form of a child who is put in form of dirt and filth. The city upholds evil because of the manner in which a single child is kept as idol in dark, misery and perpetual filth. When citizens learn of these acts they start leaving the magnificent city to other destinations that remain unmentioned to us.

Many people opt to leave their habitats when they become messy rather than confronting the challenges and changing them. By leaving their original land or homes at the expense of some mediocrities is simply giving such mediocrities a chance to continue affecting the society.

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“Trifles” was written by Susan Glaspell in 1916 and it is concerned with the gender roles that are eminent between men and women. It is more pointing to the cultural descriptions of gender roles and sex roles. Many cultural settings give various descriptions to various roles and this brings tension in the society. Many of these acts evoke evils in the society that members of the society chose to side step rather than address. When they are ignored or feared they translate into time-bombs that gets out of hand when the future generations cannot address them. Proper basics need to be administered to the younger generations without favor or fear because trivial huddles come in the future that deter the decision making processes of the youngsters.

“Trifles” hold women roles with contempt; whereas they need to be held with the same level as those of men because they build the same society. According to County Attorney who is viewed as a male chauvinist, he feels that when Mr. Wright is found murdered both women and men presented themselves to carry out different roles. Men are said to have come so that they carry out roles of law professionals. Women in this case had a minor role because they had come to prepare personal effects that Mrs. Wright will carry to the prison when she gets imprisoned. The degree of their roles affects the perceptions one build on each gender.  Men do not expect women to make contributions in the search for murder because they are known to be ignorant and disinterested in so many things.

Women should be bold enough to tell men what they believe because by doing so there will be a shared burden in life. Men have been seen as the only source of information that has opinionated ideas in the society. It is ethical to accept opinions from females without blocking their views. Mrs. Peters initially pretends that she does not feel sympathy for Mrs. Wrights by saying that law is law but Mrs. Hales works hard to stand by Mrs. Wright. Initially, these women stood by their husband but they found the need to side with Mrs. Wrights who is of their gender.

When someone who is not “evil” like Mrs. Wright, commits evil, it is not ethical to punish her. Investigation should be carried out to find the actual cause of the evil deeds. The women fraternity in Trifles has taken it upon themselves to conceal the crime of Mrs. Wright by justifying that whatever she did was justified. Mrs. Peters is married to a sheriff hence the insinuation that she is married to the law. When Mrs. Wright is caught in the wrong, the wrong act is given a different attention which makes it look more appealing simply is done by a holier person.

Omelas is a city that is beautiful and has good life with people who are living their best lives. In this lively environment there is a single child who is suffering and does not enjoy the good life that is enjoyed by the larger population. He is a lone ranger who is left at the mercies of nature. He is a representation of evil and a symbol of wretched earth. The environment he is left in is best defined as wretched. The environs of Omelas who leave just for the sake of one “irrelevant” child cannot explain the course of their acts but they do it as a sacrifice. They leave their comfort to venture into land far away just to run away from the torture of one child. Their acts are out of cowardice because they can be in a position to redeem his life rather than just leave him in misery.

Escapism in the city is evident because no one is ready to be responsible for that child. They all leave and claim that they are doing it for the child. Even if they give up their nice lives for the sake of none person and they did not change his life or affect her is all a mission in futility. The money they spend in their extravagant lives can be used to reverse the mess in their city.

The child in the city is symbolic in that he represents the rot beneath the beautiful city. The corrupt morals and failing systems of governance are an indication of child in filth. A child is a treasure but when it is left in the dark or filth, it fails to bring the oomph to the parent or guardian.

The story about Omelas city can be applied in our current society because the rot in the society is appreciated more than the good. The evil are thriving at the expense of the good people hence making those putting effort and being honest to be seen as if they are doing a silly thing. In the current society technology that has been allowed by globalization is the source of happiness which does not unite or humanize man indeed. Man has been left to fight amongst himself and cause confusion among other nations. The story about Omelas city has a moral teaching that one can be happy without overdoing hit or causing harm to the people.

An ethical choice according to the two texts is not based in what will favor the best character or colleague but that which upholds justice for all people. When the people we trust commit evil, we tend to be lenient with them more so if we are placed in the systems that checks law and order. When the society upholds nepotism, the systems it has put in place to check governance structure fails and there is unstable running of things in the society.

According to Susan, County Attorney addresses women as if they are little pleasantries or people who do not matter a lot to him. He is a chauvinist representing all the men who feel that women are down-trodden beings whose voices need not to be heard. The manner which ruling is done means that women’s place in the society needs to be addressed. The attorney and the sheriff do no not give women options but dictate. In this kind of system evil is upheld rather than rebuked. 


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