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Variety of companies when selecting a human resource from the applicants use honesty and integrity tests in order to effectively screen and select the best applicant to fill a job position. The main objective if integrity test is to aid during the process of staffing that can be quite challenging for the right profiling of all applicants using the honesty charts. Management of most companies have turned to honesty tests t screen and select the most qualified workers for non managerial and menial tasks that require productive personality.  

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Disagreement and controversy enshroud the honesty and integrity tests that are designed to support information inquiry process into the applicants for an open position. For instance the “Overt integrity tests” are wrought to bring out the true attitudes and believes of applicants towards a possible theft situation and asking about their reaction, the kind of reaction that the applicant I likely to decipher the most probable kind of knowledge and skills that an applicant can apply to counter dishonesty.  Close monitoring and analysis of the responses that the applicants write reveals every individual behavior concerning manifestation of key social behavioral patterns. True and false answers model can be used to extract physiological and psychometric information about each key applicant thus enhancing a quicker decision making when dealing with a huge traffic turnout to fill an advertised position.

Nevertheless, do the integrity and honesty tests give the truer picture of the state of mind of the applicant?  Managers are afraid of developing ill-productive cultures through hiring of individual who are likely to increase workplace deviance, counterproductively habits and in order to avoid time theft because of absenteeism, use of honesty tests is fundamental to weed out dishonesty applicants from true career candidates. Effectiveness of honesty tests is being questioned to reduce chances of getting the most qualified workers since most of them are eliminated by poor expressed answers to questions.  

In conclusion, as much as honesty and integrity tests help during the selection process, pre-employment screenings reduce cases of hiring incompetent employees besides gaining the trust and approval of management team that develops the tests.  Nonetheless, because of erroneous perception created by the insufficient data collected during the process of administering pre-employment screening, poor choices would be made as a result of fast paced conclusions that may lock out credible persons who lack the assumed methodology of expression.   


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