Free The Abortion: Before I Formed you, I Knew You Essay Sample

Abortion is an issue that has raised many questions.  Ethically, abortion is wrong. According to the theory of utilitarianism, one act in a way that has a positive impact to the majority of people.  Abortion results in moral degeneration, in society. Thus, it should be forbidden unless it is for medical purposes. Utilitarianism mainly promotes valued, or superior products rather than focusing on the means used to attain the result. The theory further urges people to strive for outcomes that give maximum advantage to the majority in an unbiased way. This theory mainly tries to influence people to strive to get the best results for many people rather than focus on activities that do not benefit anyone.

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Jacques Rousseau believed that all humans are born well. However, they are corrupted by the society they live. This is true because, the society shapes the people we become. According to him, before civilization, man in his natural state was innocent and virtuous. However, when man separated himself from nature, he became corrupt and morally degenerated. When man became social with other people, he continually became corrupt. Man as a result, became greedy, selfish, proud and evil as a result of his becoming a social animal. 

The use of animals for medical experiments has been condemned in the past. However, theorists like Aristotle, Reagan and Kant argued that since they do not reason think and talk, it is ok to use them. This is wrong since the question they should have focused on is, can they suffer? Yes, these animals suffer when experiments are done on them, just like humans. 

According to Aristotle, a happy life has a different meaning to different people. A virtuous life ensures an individual is satisfied and happy. According to Aristotle, happiness comes from the decisions people make. He believed that the happiest people in the world are morally upright and virtuous, and this helps them to make rational decisions. In life, everyone begins at the same starting line; however, how far one goes depends on the choices they make in life. An individual with strong moral values and is virtuous makes choices that reflect his character; on the other hand, an immoral individual will make equally immoral choices. Thus, choosing the life they will live. 

Ethics applies to everyone. Therefore, the society does not require a gender based view of ethics. Applying this, can be translated  to be discrimination. This is because; the society comprises of both men and women, and irrespective of the gender everyone has to live along an acceptable code of conduct. The community should be governed with the same set of rules and separating them in terms of gender is not proper.


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