Free The Ethics of Responsibility Essay Sample

The book by Jonathan Sacks titled “To Heal a Fractured World: The Ethics of Responsibility,” is a great book which tends to appeal to the human morality, ethical life and the way they operate in the society. The book brings out the message through depicturing on the importance of Judaism which as a Jew he considers to be a call to the responsibility of humanity, and this he does using a style in a way that make the Jews to be proud of their calling and aware of the power they poses in bringing change in the society. 

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Sacks, theme in the book is about responsibility, which he puts it as one’s ability to respond. If there is a state of darkness, if things to be falling apart what is the role of the individual? The book starts with the laying bare of the various responsibilities necessary for a call: these responsibilities are things that will a pressure on the urgent demands on the people especially during this modern era. He calls on the individuals to view the world as a in a persistent need for attention and also there being action. The society should not be viewed as being opiate and the status quo prevailing.

A lot of people believe that we only have a responsibility over our personal concern over our growth and should not care about all ills found in our society. Sacks in the book clearly states that it is impossible for there to be a separation that exists between what we can refer to as the ethical individual what is going on in the society. An individual is a product of the society, just as there are struggles in the life of an individual also there is in the world or the society around us. Though people will be conscious of the challenges in their lives, it will take one to penetrate and be able to have an understanding of the way the world around us is broken and needs repair.

Sacks intelligently put the theme of the book to be response-ability, which w can consider to means as the individual’s ability to respond to various circumstances. It is my strong believe that an individual who has heed to the call of responsibility can make a huge change to the society. Some of the people in recent history who have heed to the call of responsibility and had a huge influence in the society they have lived in include Martha Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela among other individual who have stood against the social ills of the society and created notable change.

Using example of Mahatma Gandhi he advised the people of India to peaceful protest and is referred to as the father of the non-violence protest so as to put forward people’s needs. He mobilized the people of India against boycotting the goods of the British people who were colonizing India these eventually led to the independence of India and also the growth of the non – violent movement which is inspired by Mahatma’s way of thinking so as to protest. He is referred to as the father of the Indian Nation even though Independence came after his death.

Individuals have to realize of the role they need to play in the society, not just by their good morals but also by their conscious attempts to improve the welfare of the whole society. This works in making the society a better place to live in and improvement of lives for others. its is very clear from history that some people ahead of us have taken up this call of responsibility and had a huge impact in the society around them.


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